"I got a very good grade on my composition."

Translation:J'ai eu une très bonne note à ma rédaction.

June 21, 2020

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J'ai eu une très bonne note sur ma composition.


This is what I put , and also what my translator put. Marked wrong of course . And please could someone tell me which meaning of 'a' would apply here.


pourquoi pas "j'ai recu"?


"J'ai reçu une très bonne note à ma rédaction," is currently accepted.


Then it's the 'sur' that was rejected. I don't even understand the meaning of 'a' in this sentence. I don't mind a meaning that is unfamiliar but a meaning nevertheless. ??


Those prepositions are so persnickety!


My translator thinks 'sur ma composition ' is correct ??


"Composition" is a valid French word for composition. In fact, my paper dictionary gives composition as the first choice, and rédaction is not even an option. Going from Fr to En, this dictionary says rédaction means "writing or editing," or "editorial staff."


In formal French, composition can refer to any type of written work (be it filled with words or mathematical expressions) turned in by a student at the end of an exam, whereas the word rédaction only refers to a work of actual language (I don't know how to word this better: basically some examples are rédaction de français, de philosophie, d'anglais etc. but you wouldn't say rédaction de mathématiques).
Note that this usage of the word 'composition' is very official and is almost exclusively found on the exam paper itself of the baccalauréat or any other official concours, and in common parlance this world refers to a musical composition.

I'm not as familiar with the exact usage of the word composition in English as a native speaker would be, so I'll let you be the judge as to whether or not 'composition' is a valid French translation in this case.


Thanks for your comment. With Duo exercises generally lacking context, I would think a broader range of interpretations would allow either response. I enjoy learning the words, but such nuances are lost without context, so your comments are valuable to me.


@pakjim -- I wish DL had chosen 'essay' instead of 'composition'. That seems closer to «rédaction». Like you said, w/out context this could easily be a music major who got a good grade on a musical score/composition.


J'ai eu une très bonne note "pour" ma rédaction, autre ex: ... pour mon texte.. et non pas "à" mon texte


Composition can be just about anything written in English.


I remember learning that "gagner" could be used in this context - is that untrue?

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