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I can't always tell the difference between Sie and Ihr or isst and esse.

Can someone please explain to me how to recognise where and when to correctly use "Ihr" and "Sie"? "Ihr" is plural and "Sie" is addressing someone formally (and also means "she") Right? It's so confusing! Also! Since "isst" and "ist" sound the same, do people just have to assume which it is from the context? And how do you know when to use "isst" rather than "esse"?

Sorry, so many questions! Any help greatly appreciated!

August 15, 2012



What Duolingo doesn't stress on is CONJUGATION! It is very important to learn that even if you do it on the side. It will clear many issues up!


essen: ich esse, du isst, er/sie/es isst, wir essen, ihr esst, sie essen. Formal "Sie" is written with a capital: "Haben Sie Ihre Vokabeln gelernt?" - "Haben sie ihre Vokabeln gelernt?" = they, their - "Hat sie ihre ..."= she/her

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