"It is not really cloudy."

Translation:Chan eil i gu math sgòthach.

June 22, 2020

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'Gu math' it seems is an intensifier used with adjectives, meaning 'very.'

'Gu mòr' is also an intensifier, but so far I only remember seeing it with verbs. Specifically in expressions of taste/opinion. 'Is toil leam càise gu mòr.'

Could one please summarize the boundaries between each one's use?


'Gu mòr' means 'a lot', I think. The Gaelic use of 'gu mòr' and 'gu math' seems to equal the English use of 'very' and 'a lot'. As you said, 'gu math'/'very' is used with adjectives and 'gu mor'/'a lot' is used with verbs.

I don't know this too well either, but maybe it helps.


Why is glè not allowed here?


Same question, why was glè wrong?

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