"You will bring me about twenty of them, please."

Translation:Tu m'en apporteras une vingtaine, s'il te plaît.

June 22, 2020

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why was 'vous..' marked as wrong?


Une is neccessary?


if you are referring to '...UNE vingtaine...' une is needed. une vingtaine is the singular form of 'des vingtaines'.

Tu m'en apporteras une vingtaine, s'il te plaît.
You will bring me about twenty of them, please."

Tu m'en apporteras des vingtaines, s'il te plaît.
You will bring me many twenties of them, please.

in english it sounds better if you can say dozens (des douzaines)* or hundreds (des centaines) rather than 'many twenties', of course.

*une douzaine is not 'about a dozen' unlike une cinquantaine or une vingtaine. it is exactly a dozen. the indefinite term for about a dozen is 'une dizaine'--about ten.


This English sentence isn't great: Normally we'd say, "will you please bring me about twenty of them"


Why was "Tu m'en apporteras une vingtaine, s'il vous plaît" marked wrong?


You're using both tu (tu m'en apporteras) and vous (s'il vous plaît). You would need to say either: 'Tu m'en apporteras une vingtaine, s'il te plaît' or 'Vous m'en apporterez, s'il vous plaît'.


Is "M'en apporterez-vous une vingtaine, s'il vous plait" necessarily wrong?


What you wrote is a question. The exercise is a statement or order/command.


Yep! You're right! I would say that age is catching up with me, but it surpassed me long ago (eyes are tiring too soon), but thanks. Have a lingot .


Can anyone help me with few simple rules on where to put "en" ? It seems there about a dozen different situations and I'm always having to guess.


typically right before the conjugated verb: J'en ai Je m'en apporterai

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