"Their parents would allow them to do anything."

Translation:Leurs parents leur permettraient de faire n'importe quoi.

June 22, 2020

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Can somebody please explain when to use "lui/leur permettre" & "le/la/les permettre"?


In French permettre is followed by the preposition à in relation to the person being permitted to do something. So it takes an indirect object. Lui and leur are indirect object pronouns. Le, la and les are direct object pronouns. If you wanted to say ‘They would permit it’, referring to the action being permitted, I think you could use le. ‘Ils le permettraient.’ https://grammar.collinsdictionary.com/french-easy-learning/personal-pronouns-indirect-object



How come it's "de" following permettre and not "à"


You have both A and DE following this verb. I know it is weird but the verb is essentially "give permission OF (doing|) something TO (someone). So this sentence is ;Leurs parents---- would give permission TO them(leur permettraient) ---of doing whatever (de faire n'importe quoi.)


Thanks for your comment, Jenny.

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