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Looking for a good way to find out if Dutch nouns take de or het

I keep a notebook of Dutch nouns and put down if they take de or het. Duo doesn't always give us that information as we go through the lessons. In order to get through the Adjective section, I need to know gender. Has anyone found a good site where I find out if a noun has a common or a neuter gender? If so, please share with me.

August 3, 2014



I recommend the Dutch website Woordenlijst. It gives you the plural form and the article that belongs to each word and it's the website native speakers use, associated with the national organization that guides our spelling ('Het Groene Boekje'). This means that the information you'll find will always be correct. :)


Definitely use this! I use it and it's fantastic.


When you find out, please let me know, please!

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