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"L'acqua nella bottiglia è pura."

Translation:The water in the bottle is pure.

August 3, 2014



Won't 'clean' be the same as 'pure'..?


'clean' = pulita, limpida. "pure" = "pura"


'pulita' is clean, and 'limpida' is more 'clear' than clean, but those are just nuances. :)


The meaning of the words "pure" and "clean" is almost the same, - but there is a difference.

"Pura" = "pure", - meaning something like "not mixed with anything else".

"Pulito" = "clean", - meaning something like "free from dirt".

A mixture of wool and cotton may be "clean" but it is never "pure wool".

A fabric of 100 % wool is "pure wool" even if it is not absolutely clean.

But a fabric of 100% wool is called "reine wolle" in German and "ren ull" in Swedish (where "reine" = "ren" = "clean").


i thought so too, at least in the context of this sentence it should be the same meaning. If something is pure it is clean in a way. I think it should also be accepted as an correct answer. If i'm wrong please explain why you can't say clean as well in this context.


Is "bottled water" different from "water in the bottle?"


"bottled water" has a specific meaning and is normally water which has been bottled in a factory whereas "water in a bottle" just means you are referring to some water in a bottle that could have been placed there in a variety of ways


the water "inside" the bottle.. is wrong?


Why inside bottle is wrong ?


"The water into the bottle is pure." is it wrong?


It is more usual to say "the bottled water is pure" rather than " the water in the bottle is pure" . The former is more natural whereas the latter is clunky, stilted and clumsy.


But they give inside as a clue. So much for simple


L'acqua in bottiglia non è mai davvero pura.


This is GOSPEL when traveling in 3rd world.

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