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  5. "Sie redet mit dem Hund."

"Sie redet mit dem Hund."

Translation:She is talking to the dog.

August 3, 2014



Why not "with the dog" as well?


"She talks with the dog" was accepted on 17th of September 2017. It does not sound weird to me but I am doing Duolingo's Danish course where bears do not play handball but ducks do, elephants say "hello" in Danish, and cats speak English. She can talk to the dog but the dog cannot talk back unless it is a Danish dog. However, the dog will look at her as if he understands her and if she seems upset he will snuggle up to her, lick her, and make some sympathetic noises. He is talking to her.


The meaning would seem a bit weird to me (although we don't know the context of the German sentence), but grammatically it should be an acceptable translation.


Still not accepted 12.11.14


I said with the dog and it was correct but does it not mean a to and fro A dialogue?


Sagt man immer mit - "Sie redet mit..." wenn das Objekt nicht sprechen kann? Vielleicht ist das ein redender Hund! Ich habe im Internet "Sprich zu meiner Hand!" gefunden.

(Do you always have to say with - "Sie redet mit.." when the object can't speak? Perhaps it is a talking dog! I found "Sprich zu meiner Hand!" on the internet.)


Could you use "zum" here as an alternative to "mit dem"?


Ich habe "to" genommen, weil ein Hund nicht wirklich spricht. Bei uns verwendet man aber "mit".


not accepted 6 jan 2021

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