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Wanna talk in modern hindi(with hindi slangs)

I am a native speaker but I have to say I do not know pure hindi that is because the language has evolved so much now that now is the time when if you talk in pure hindi in India people will make fun of you . PS: I am not very proud of it but that's the reality So if you wanna talk in modern hindi I might help . İt's actually a mixture of hindi,Urdu ,English , and some cool words which have evolved not just from hindi but our other regional languages such as Punjabi , Maratha,etc.

June 22, 2020



Mooj koo aap lougo kai saat "modern Hindi" meh batt bouht achii lagegi. I know that was terrible writing in Hindi but I guess its ok enough lol! xD


That was great n u r actually fluent . I wanna ask if you would be ok if I call you aap or tum . Aap is generally used for elders and to anyone whom you wanna show respect . Tum is for friends and siblings basically although now a days we go wit 'tu' which is cooler For now I would say mujhe bhi aapse baat karke bohut accha lgega GG


Mooj ku naye pate kase phale barre ku jivab dhu parr mooj ku appse aek savaal tha: Aap India meh ratie hoo, ququi agree aap ratie hoo phir appke samme ka farrak hai saraa chaar ghante!


oh come on... I am also a native speaker and I use pure hindi to talk nobody makes my fun!! and if they make then we should say '' tum hindi padne ke layak nhi ho''

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