"Chan eil lèine orm idir."

Translation:I do not have a shirt on at all.

June 22, 2020

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The pronounciation of idir by the speaker sounds off


Last two words were tricky to make out.


The man is pronouncing idir as it should be. The woman is not.


Her pronunciation is just a different dialect. Scotland is small enough that if you go to any part of it you could run into someone from any other part, so it is good to have familiarity with as many dialects as possible.


Her pronunciation of "orm idir" is not good.


I realky like having different voices (like older men, children, and women), and vocal inflections, which I assume are examples of regional dialects. It gets me used to the differences in speed and cadence, too. Even though I miss the answer! Cho is probably my most often wrongly heard word, I think.


It's really interesting to hear different pronunciations - I thought at first she was saying something like 'mitte' rather than idir. It's good preparation for hearing people say this in real life.


I understand that 'I am not wearing a shirt at all' is not a literal translation but is it really wrong..?

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