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  5. "Hoeveel winters lang?"

"Hoeveel winters lang?"

Translation:For how many winters?

August 3, 2014



Bilbo sings:

I sit beside the fire and think
of how the world will be
when winter comes without a spring
that I shall ever see.

For still there are so many things
that I have never seen:
in every wood in every spring
there is a different green.

I wonder how many winters he would live for.


Ik zit naast het vuur en denk na

van ❤❤❤ de wereld zal zijn

wanneer de winter zonder een lente komt

die ik ooit zal zien.


How does this end up being the translation? The question literally asks "how many winters long?" I don't remember there being any indication of this structure in the questions lesson so I don't know how you can expect people to get this exact phrasing.


Duolingo isn't designed in a way that ensures you get everything right on the first try. Nonetheless, you don't need "to get this exact phrasing"; you just have to produce a proper translation. I wrote "How many winters long?", which was accepted as a correct translation because it means the same thing as "For how many winters?" (at least in some contexts).

Either way, don't forget that getting things wrong is a normal part of the learning process. When you use a foreign language, you inevitably make many mistakes; thankfully, finding out that you were wrong is a great way to learn and reinforce what's correct!


I think I was a bit peeved because, when I answered, "How many winters long?" was not an accepted answer. It's indeed true that often mistakes need to be made in order to improve, but I find that Duolingo is on the whole (at least, for the Dutch course) lacking in information on idiomatic expressions and phrasing. It's just a little criticism.


Well, I agree that there's room to improve on the presentation of idioms. At least that answer is accepted now, and the course continues to improve as more of us participate and report additional translations.


Hard to imagine in what situation this could be a proper phrase. Any suggestions?


E.g.: For how many winters has there been no Elfstedentocht?

Answer: 17.


"1,000 winters long", from the song "Candles" by Within Temptation. Relevance: they're Dutch. [insert 'metal horns' here]


Game of Thrones.


In the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, they always referred to a King as reigning for "x winters". Maybe they did that in the Netherlands?


If not taken literally, does this sentence mean "how many years long?" and can we employ this one in asking how many years (for normal daily Dutch)?


voor hoeveel jaar? = for how many years?


I tried "How many long winters?", and that wasn't accepted.

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