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Reflexive Pronouns - Please Help

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all safe and having a beautiful summer.

I've been working on my French for years now. I took some in school but in the U.S. we are not exposed to foreign languages until middle school, unfortunately. I've done the lessons on reflexive pronouns and all I can glean from it is that it is used when it's by a verb that you do yourself, like brosser. As I keep moving on though, more and more of these reflexive pronouns are popping up and don't seem to always follow this pattern.

Does anyone have any tips? Thanks so much!

June 22, 2020



Many french verbs have a reflexive version and very often it will express something close to the passive mood:

     Comment s'écrit ton prénom ?
     Ce plat se mange aussi froid.
     C'est un vin qui se déguste lentement.
     Cette voiture se conduit facilement.


Learn French With Alexa just did a video on this very topic a week ago. It might help you a bit.


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