"Tha m' athair greannach."

Translation:My father is grumpy.

June 22, 2020

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Just listening to this I can hear '' a mother is grumpy'' I'm really trying to hear if their is any subtle difference in speaking m' athair and màthair. Maybe through only through context or would the emphasis on the a in màthair be just strong enough in a native speaker to tell a difference? hmmm....


m' athair has a short a sound, and màthair has a long a sound. The accents in Gaelic tell you that the vowel is a long vowel. Vowel length is very important in Gaelic as long and short vowels can change the meaning of a word (as you can see from this example), so when a vowel is long, you should really stretch it out (much more than feels comfortable for some English speakers).


I am hearng an s. That last word sounds like sgreannach.

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