"Ogni giorno dico ai miei genitori che li amo molto."

Translation:Every day I tell my parents that I love them a lot.

August 3, 2014



How is say wrong?! It's a synonym of tell

December 18, 2014


"say to" instead of "tell" is fine, although not accepted

April 25, 2018


I also think that, while there is a semantic difference between 'say' (speaking whatever is said) and 'tell' (meaning is expressed in various ways), nevertheless, there is an overlap where 'to say to' = 'to tell'. What is more 'dire' is probably closer to 'say' (i.e. implies speaking), than to 'tell'.

May 13, 2018


According to my trusty Webster's New World Italian Dictionary, 'dire' is translated as 'to say.' And since the first person singular is, I believe, 'dico,' that would be 'I say.' So, 'I say' that DL is in error in this case, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

February 27, 2019


Every day I say to my parents that I love them much. Should be ok too, or not? Or does that sound odd in english?

August 3, 2014


I'm American and that was what I translated it to. Of course, Duolingo says otherwise. :(

August 20, 2018


Agree. Dico is 1st person singular of dire … and dire means 'to say.' So...!!

February 27, 2019


I'd use "a lot" instead of "much"

April 10, 2018


Yeah it sounds odd... Maybe "I love them so much" could be correct.

August 7, 2014


I translated it the same way and sometimes Duolingo is crazy!

September 30, 2018


I have been taught by native Italians that amare (amo) is romantic love. Love between parents and children is expressed as "ti voglio tanto bene" or "vi voglio tanto bene."

July 20, 2018


Thanks for that reminder … I read that somewhere else on these comments. Not that I'll ever use either one!

February 27, 2019


Gee, I never thought of that!

March 7, 2019
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