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Confusion Over How/When to use Il y a, Il va, Est-ce qu’il y a, etc

The Weather Lessons under the first castle became a bit confusing to me, when trying to understand which form of Il y a, il va, il fait va, Est-ce qu’il, etc. I got to level 5 but it was a chore.

Any info on the many ways to use these forms will be much appreciated.

Best Regards, -jt

June 22, 2020



Check out this blog post, it should help you: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/french/french-weather-vocabulary/

I'll just say, "il fait va" doesn't mean anything. "il fait"/"il y a" are both present tense, whereas "il va" (as in "il va pleuvoir") indicates future. (the present tense of this would be "il pleut")


You'd have better luck putting this in the french forum. just change the discussion topic by clicking EDIT and you'll be set.


You should put this under the French forum, not in the English forum.


Hiyah. You might want to move this to French forum, you are likely to get more help (and less downvotes).

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Il y a - There is...
Il va - It is going...
Est-ce qu'il y a - Is it that there is...? (Is there...?)

Churning all the way through L1-5 in a skill at once is a bad move, and this is one of the reasons why. You get to memorise how to do it, but not to understand it. It's better to move on, and you'll come across the construction in use later, then come back and revise.

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