"Tu peux me prêter celles que tu portais hier ?"

Translation:Can you lend me the ones you were wearing yesterday?

June 22, 2020

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There is no way to know that celles is plural in the audio. Therefore celle or celles should be acceptable


Agreed and reported


Tu peux me prêter celle que tu portais hier--Accepted now (10/May/2021)


Should "Can you lend me the ones that you were wearing yesterday?" also be accepted?


"Can you lend me the ones that you were wearing yesterday?" marked as incorrect. This should be accepted.

Reported 26 June 2020


Yeah, alternative translations like that should definitely be submitted.


OK, so I don't understand the imparfait as well as I thought.

Why is something that was over and done with yesterday referred to by the imparfait instead of passé composé? Is it just a matter of the duration of the activity (i.e. wearing it, presumably, all of yesterday)?

Would the following be correct:

I filled in the hole you were digging yesterday. J'ai rempli le trou que tu creusais hier.

I filled in the hole that you dug yesterday. J'ai rempli le trou que tu as creusé hier.

Can you lend me the ones that you wore yesterday? Tu peux me prêter celles que tu as porté hier?


Your examples are correct.

In this case it's not so much the length of the activity as the speaker taking the listener back to a specific time when a certain thing was happening and hadn't ended: "the ones you were wearing yesterday (at the very time I'm thinking about and referring to)".


PJP great explanation


Thanks duoyakk and PJP


Single or plural? They are homophones in French, so either is correct in English.


There is that celles again . it certainly doesn't sound like it is plural' '


Yet another accurate and grammatical english answer rejected by Duo.


celle or celles has to be acceptable. There is no way of telling


I hope they fix these someday. It's ridiculous to have to memorize them to get them correct.


I can't for the life of me hear the plural "s" at the end of "celles" and I don't see any other indication that a plural is required.


NicolaKoh1 has posted that "celle" is accepted, so it could be that you made some other mistake (e.g. "peut" instead of "peux") and Duo simply showed you a correct answer with "celles".

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