Azzurro vs blu

In lesson 1 'azzurro' is always translated as 'blue' and 'blu' is never used. In my opinion, 'blu' (blue) should be introduced first, because azzurro is not simply every hue of blue, but only light, pale blue.

May 13, 2013


You're right, azzurro usually refers to a lighter shade and blu to a really dark shade. You will find that you can also use blu for blue and azure for azzurro... so feel free to use what you think is most appropriate. Colors tend to be a "gray" area and different people see different things ;)

May 13, 2013

This is interesting. Do Italians think these are two different colors, or is azzurro a shade of blu?

June 29, 2013

Yeah, is it like pink and red, where we consider them different colors (even though pink is really just light red) or are they both considered blue the way "lime" is still considered green?

October 10, 2013

Funny example because in German you'd even say that "rosa" and "pink" are not the same colours. "Rosa" is some sort of light red in German while "pink" only refers to that strong Valentine's-day-heart-pink. ... Just sayin'

November 7, 2013

annoyingly when I translated azzurro as 'light blue' the answer was marked wrong and corrected to blue. Similarly, 'maglia' translated as tee-shirt (which is given as an option in the drop down prompt list) is marked wrong and corrected to 'shirt'.

May 26, 2013

and they typically only use maglia when the are referring to a t-shirt or an athletic shirt (like a jersey), so i made the same mistake and it didn't take t-shirt

June 17, 2013

afaik, 'maglia' can be used for a t-shirt or a sweater, while 'maglietta' is a t-shirt.

June 17, 2013

Oddly, it accepts camiseta (undershirt) for maglia vs camisa (shirt) for camicia.

December 2, 2018

Someone told me to look at the flag of Fiji, and you could see the difference between blu and azzurro

June 17, 2013

February 10, 2017


October 23, 2017

Just checked that out. It's a pretty good tip.

June 25, 2013


October 10, 2013

Lets leave this one up to the great poet Tennyson, in his poem 'The eagle' : He clasps the crag with crooked hands: close to the sun in lonely lands: ringed with the AZURE world, he stands.... In English Azure ALWAYS refers to 'Sky Blue.' I wonder what word Dante would use? lol

December 25, 2013

I wonder, as this comment is 8 month old , how corrections and new word are added to duolingo lessons as apparently blu is still not in the color one ?

January 8, 2014

I agree

July 25, 2013

Azzuro, in Italy, has a historical significance since it was used as a national color in remembrance of the House of Savoy (Casa Savoia) from which the Kings of Unified Italy were. Their house color up to somewhere in the 14th century was the "blu savoia".

August 16, 2018

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