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"Do you know the recipe for cucumber pie?"

Translation:Tu connais la recette de la tarte au concombre ?

June 23, 2020



Why was it previously 'recette de tarte aux pêches' whereas this time it is 'recette de la tarte..........


It seems to depend on whether it's the recipe or not:
the recipe for pie: "la recette de la tarte"
a recipe for pie: "une recette de tarte"
the recipe for spinach: "la recette des épinards"
your recipe for spinach: "ta recette d'épinards"


Can you use pour for for here? And if so, would it be pour la tarte or just pour tarte? Also, why is it au concombre rather than aux concombres?


I did exactly those two things which was not accepted. Don't know if either one alone could be though.


Update: "tartes aux concombres" is accepted


If the French word for pie is tarte, what would the French word for tart be?

I know in English a tart and a pie are two different things, I just imagined that the translation of tarte would be tart and not pie and that a pie would have another name in French, not the other way around!


Why isn't savoir allowed in place of connaître here?


The english given has two possible means with respect to knowing. One is to know (be familiar with) the other is to know (have in your memory with respect preparation steps). How does one know whether in this case if one should use connaitre or savoir in the translation to French? Any help is welcome.


why connaitre rather than savoir?


A pie has a lid. Surely 'tarte' translates to English as tart or flan?


Pies have crusts, but it's unusual (in the US, at least) for a pie to have an upper crust as well as a lower crust. Apple pies often do, and other fruit pies sometimes have lattice tops, but most pies (pumpkin, pecan, key lime, custard, ... ) only have a bottom crust.

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