"Finalement, il s'est marié avec le frère du marié."

Translation:In the end, he got married to the groom's brother.

June 23, 2020

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Can anyone explain to me what is wrong with: "Finally, he married the groom's brother"


Please add - In the end, he got married to the brother of the groom. Thank you :)


"Finally, he married the brother of the groom." Not accepted, but should be. Will report. "Finally" = "In the end"; and, "...the groom's brother" = "the brother of the groom". Simple.


A number of others has asked this question here. I have noticed in other exercises with the French form "x du y", Duo seems to want the English translation to be the explicit possessive "y's x" ("the groom's brother") rather than the word-for-word "x of the y" ("brother of the groom"). Not sure if this is is intentional; the only thing I can imagine is that they want you to learn the more typical explicit possessive English translation.

See https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/possessive-de/


Finally, he got married to the brother of the bridegroom. Not accepted.


Parce que le frère, le premier frère, a apporté des chèvres à le mariage.


I think that the gay thing is just a distraction. This exercise makes you have to think - at first, I was trying to work out who he was marrying, then I realised that the "du" was the key to realising this was a man.

Having to work things out like this is excellent practice.


When you hit the dotted line under "Finalement" it says finally. So why is it wrong to put finally. If you can't us "finally" don't put it under the word. Duolingo has dine this many times. In English we say finally. As far as the gay/lesbian aspect of the course, it seems that Duolingo leans more on that side for some reason. I don't like it, however if I'm going to continue taking this program, I have to suck it up. I wish they'd have a French course more in tune with Quebec french


In the world of Duo there seem to be very few heterosexual relationships in France.


Finally / in the end......i give up. Ive been at this for 1460 days, and im ready to gind another learning app.


Duolingo has a definite polically correct agenda. An occasional gay couple would be fine, but, honestly, why does Duo beat this drum 90% of the time?!

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