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"Waarom schrijven of lezen zij tijdens het middageten?"

Translation:Why do they write or read during lunch?

August 3, 2014



i answered 'why do they write or read during the lunch' but apparently het isnt the in this sentence ? :S


Well, I think in English it's just called 'lunch' right, and never 'the lunch'?


but in previous sentences they have refered to meals as the lunch or the breakfast, isnt this the same or does the het serve another purpose ?


Take a look at the following link from the BBC:


Lunch does not have an article. I'm not sure which sentences you were talking about that did feature an article, I haven't taken these lessons :)

[deactivated user]

    Look at that:

    With commonly used nouns when there is general reference and when they are used with prepositions there is normally no article

    NORMALLY, not always. I saw many times correct sentences using "the breakfast" etc. Also on Duolingo in other courses there were used articles before "lunch", "breakfast" or "dinner". It is not incorrect to use it, so in my opinion it should be accepted.


    Both are now accepted, with and without "the".


    Doesn't sound idiomatic in English.


    It's true, but I had the same problem as Lottie that in other lessons I didn't include the article and was told I should. One way or the other, surely!


    This is because Dutch does not require "het" so when they put it we should put it in English too, but because so many people had this problem, perhaps they have decided to become more lenient. They accept both forms for this sentence.


    This sentence has the verbs before the subject. I thought the tips said that open questions are not inverted. Or is it that closed MUST be inverted and open CAN be inverted or not?


    As a native "simplified" english speaker this translation doesn't sound right and is extremely frustrating. It's not worth the grief.


    Why not while?


    We dont say the lunch in English


    Not quite sure what context you are talking about here. You could use 'the lunch' to refer to a previous mentioned lunch.

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