"J'espère qu'il n'y a pas que du chou pour le dîner."

Translation:I hope there isn't only cabbage for dinner.

June 23, 2020

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I don't know when the construction" ne . . .que" means "only" and when the construction means "is not only". I am confused. Please help.


Ne que means only, but here there is also pas. This makes it not only.


Thanks so much for your clear explanation


Yes, the double negative is easy to miss. It translated to "I hope there is nothing but cabbage for dinner" in my head. It would have been simpler if they'd put "J'espère qu'il y a plus que du chou pour le dîner". But it's a good lesson to us as is. ;-)


Why is 'du' used here if it comes after a negation?


I'm guessing it's because of the "que" between "pas" and "du". I think it would be il ne mange pas de chou but with the added "que" you no longer do the du to de conversion.


I too hope there's something else apart from cabbage!


In this sentence, the word just could be used instead of "only". In other words, it should also be accepted.


Agreed, it works better and is less clumsy. It's also what you get if you use Reverso - although Collins returns: I hope there is more to it than cabbage for dinner. Perhaps it's just a matter of one's taste for brassicas!


If this is a negation, then how are you going to say: "I hope there is only cabbage for dinner"? "J'espère qu'il y a que du chou pour le dîner."?


You just take out the "pas" and leave in the "ne... que". You need to add "n'y " back into your sentence.


"I hope there is something other than cabbage for dinner." is rejected.

Duo accepts "there is nothing but" for "il n'y a que", so it should also accept "there is something other than" for "il n'y a pas que". Reported.


'I hope that there is not only cabbage for dinner' was marked wrong! Why?


I agree with you. Something like, "I hope that there is something other than cabbage for dinner."


This is tricky


I hope there is something besides cabbage for dinner is wrong


It's not wrong, but it's not accepted.

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