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Strengthened objects successfully but hasn't registered

I have twice strengthened objects successfully. The first time, I got to the end but there was no continue button after the last correct answer. The second time I got to the end earned a Lingot which was acknowledged. But objects is still showing as needing strengthening.

I have refreshed my browser. Nothing.

Even rebooting my ipad hasn't solved this

August 3, 2014



It's not said that only one or two practice sessions can fully strengthen skills, especially when it's been a while since you practised (that skill) it might take a few more sessions to get it to gold.


Sorry, I don't quite understand. Can you explain a bit more?

I took the strengthening test for a skill I had already achieved (the second time with a perfect score and an additional Lingot).

The first time, the programme stuck.

The second time, I concluded the strength test, was told that this skill was now fully strengthened. However when I went back to the Home page, my tree showed thar it still needed strengthening.

I don't understand.

I only joined Duolingo 9 days ago, levelled at 8, so all the strengthening is for the first time! And all is recent! This hasn't happened with other topics that I've strengthened


Did you refresh your browser?.
Refreshing is oftentimes necessary for the strength of your skills to be updated.
Does it show as fully strenghtened now?

If not, since you did manage to finish one session on your second try, it might be an idea to try strenghtening the skill concerned at least twice more. After all, sometimes you have to complete more than a few sessions before a skill becomes golden.

If you're experiencing technical issues, it's generally better to notify Duolingo staff in the troubleshooting forum instead. This is because we can't help you with technical issues. :)

You can move your thread to the troubleshooting forum by clicking 'edit' and changing the topic of this thread to 'troubleshooting'.

Good luck! :)


Yes, I refreshed my browser and indeed rebooted my ipad! It's still showing 4/5.

I think I'm still not quite understanding how strengthening works. Do I understand you may have to do more than one test to strengthen??? As a newbie, each strengthening test I've done so far has moved me from 4/5 to 5/5.

Is there a FAQ page which explains all this? If so, I haven't found it!

Thank you for the encouragement.


You can find some information about how strengthening skills work here. It is a on a user-created wikia for Duolingo.

The FAQ does not address the strengthening of skills.

Yes, often you need to do more than one session to strengthen a skill. You learn words while doing the course. After some time, you will forget some of these words. Practicing (= strengthening) them again will help you remember and make them stick better, in your memory. When a skill loses its golden shine (after you've learned it), it indicates that you may have forgotten some words. By strengthening it, you will practice the words and if the skill is golden, it indicates that the content of the skill concerned is still stuck in your memory. You do not have to review the material when the skill is golden. :)


Thank you. That's really clear.


It depends on how many words are in a skill. It's important to know that each "strengthening" session selects about 7 words to practice. So, if a skill has 70 words, one strengthening session might not be enough to get the skill back to gold again.


Ah! Got it now!


Should add that the strength is at 4/5, the same as it was before I successfully completed the test!


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