"Nous n'achèterons ni veau ni aucune autre viande."

Translation:We will not buy either veal or any other meat.

June 23, 2020

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Here "Nous n'achèterons ni veau ni aucune autre viande" is translated as "We will not buy either veal or any other meat" using "either ... or ... ". Can it also be translated as "We will buy neither veal nor any other meat" using "neither ... nor..."?


I think that is correct. It is also much more elegant than the Duo sentence.


Agreed. I had hoped that 'We will not buy veal or any other meat' as an acceptable alternative, but it wasn't :-(


Your sentence is MORE correct and definitely that which you are more likely to hear an English speaker say.

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Yes. I reported it.


OK, Duo - this English translation is HORRIBLE. People will not come up with that on their own if they speak Native English, believe me. (Trust me on this, I edit for a living.)


duo, come on, you've gotta have native english speakers look over your sentences. I'll even volunteer to do it. This is not what anybody would say. We'd say "we won't buy veal (n)or any other meat", without the "either".


I'm having a lot of trouble with the pronunciation of this sentence. Is anyone else?


The new French lessons are very horrible overall. Not to mention the horrible pronounciation which DL seeming used a voiceware, there are many other ways to translate the sentences, but they are usually marked wrong.


I wrote, "We will buy neither veal nor any other meat", and it should be accepted. How do they say it in England? Reported 7-19-2021


I can't believe that is not accepted!


TERRIBLE ENGLISH this should neither not either


That guy should work harder on his pronunciation...

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