"I would like a loose wool sweater for Christmas."

Translation:Je voudrais un pull en laine ample pour Noël.

June 23, 2020

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It is strange that duo accepts two answers:

Je voudrais un pull en laine ample pour Noël --suggested by duo

Je voudrais un pull ample en laine pour Noël -- my iuput but accepted bu duo.

It is the 1st time I see suo is soooo flexible on the location and order of adjs!


There are a few occasions. They are to be celebrated with champagne and a croissant stuffed with Swiss or Belgian chocolate ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧


"Je voudrais un ample pull en laine pour Noël." should be accepted.

French adjectives that fall into one of the five BANGS categories are placed before the noun.

BANGS (Beauty, Age, Number, Goodness, Size)

The French adjective "ample" falls into the "S" category (size), must be placed before the noun "pull".

In the same way, we don't say "Je voudrais un pull en laine grand pour Noël.", but we say "Je voudrais un grand pull en laine pour Noël." (I would like a large/big woolen sweater for Christmas).


That BANGS thing is absolutely not a rule in french, it's just a memory trick for learners, so don't rely too much on it, there are to many exceptions.
To me (french native) un ample pull sounds weird in that sentence and that's surely not what I would say.


I would say, rather, that it's a rule, but not an absolute rule. It has its exceptions and qualifications.

In any event, I think you're both native French speakers.

I wasn't thinking about BANGS and I wrote "un pull ample en laine", as "un pull en laine ample" makes it sound to me as if the wool itself is loose. (My answer was accepted.)

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