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"Dopo il risultato, vediamo chiaramente qual è il problema."

Translation:After the result, we see clearly what the problem is.

August 3, 2014



I'm sorry to say it, but the translation they insist on just sounds like someone who doesn't actually speak english very well.


"After the result, we see clearly what the problem is"... poor English!


Yes I am in agreement. In this case in English you must use the future. The translation makes no grammatical sense. In fact, I would even say the translation into English is wrong. It is true you can use the imperative as the second clause. For example, after you come in, close the door. But in the example in this test it is not imperative.


Yes. The acceptable translation should be "...we CAN see clearly.." or "...we will be able to see clearly ...".


Can't you say "let's see..."? That might make a bit more sense in English than trying to justify "vediamo" as a present tense, which is so odd in natural conversation.


This is a trouble I keep having; I learned that the present often infers the future, and in this sentence that seems an obvious option. I will report it.


I used "which" instead of "what", and both are OK!


"...what the problem was" would make more sense "after the result"!


I mostly agree, but in some way this can make sense: generally, when we research after the result we see the cause of problem... Or am I wrong?

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