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"Personne ne veut goûter ma tarte à la laitue ?"

Translation:No one wants to taste my lettuce tart?

June 23, 2020



Is this meant to be humorous? I couldn't find a french recipe for lettuce tart. I did locate one made in Revoluntary America by Martha Washington - iceberg lettuce & prunes cooked in dough. Beurk


it made me chuckle 'cause its so absurd


Thank you for finding this! It actually looks delicious. I think that "laitue" translates as romaine lettuce because the receipe talks about "hearts of romaine (my translation). I thought it was more iceberg lettuce which is notoriously bland, but a wonderful base for blue cheese dressing and crumbled fresh bacon.

I imagine you can substitute in other leafy greens like swiss chard or kale into this recipe. And I have bookmarked this site for further recipes as well as french practice!

Again, many thanks!


de rien. bon appétit :-)


A tart filled with lettuce filling would be disgusting.


I know you can put a variety of things in tarts... but lettuce?


I hope that's not a euphemism...


•clears throat and looks innocently away•


Does nobody want to taste my lettuce tart? is an exact translation. Please expand the correct options.


Does no one want to taste my lettuce pie? Une tarte is a tart or a pie!


doesn't anyone want to try my lettuce tart?- not allowed. Why?


Now seriously. Someone tell my why "Does nobody want to taste my lettuce tart" is wrong???????


It's not, report it so they can add it to the accepted list. These lessons are new so don't have a large variety of accepted options yet.


Thanks I did report it. Cheers


Agree epsomjenny - it marked 'Does no-one want to taste my lettuce tart?" wrong too, and can't see what is wrong with these translations. Reported.


There is no conceivable reason for rejecting a properly constructed English question -- Doesn't anyone want to taste....? -- in favour of a poorly constructed one!


' doesn't anyone want to taste my ' is the same meaning isn't it?


Yes. Reported again.


Does anyone want to taste my lettuce tart? not accepted. Early days!


That would be a different sentence in French - remember, personne means "no-one".

I agree with Epsomjenny: the better versions would be "Does nobody want to taste my lettuce tart?" or "Does no-one want to taste my lettuce tart?"


Doesn't anyone should work - preserves the negative from French. They seem to be consistently not accepting the more formal way of forming a question in this lesson.


I'm sorry if I sound offensive, but are the foods in this skill even legit? Fries dipped in mayonnaise, mayonnaise soup, mayonnaise cake, lettuce tart, snails for dinner? I know scavenging exists. Snail in a salad? What more have I forgotten to mention? Please, enlighten me, are these legit French food? They sound strange to me


The fries dipped in mayo is a very Belgium thing. My daughter does it too and she lives in Québec


Colour me intrigued


What is wrong with nobody wants to taste my lettuce flan?


Flan is an Italian dessert that's congealed, it doesn't qualify as a tart in my opinion


Doesn't anyone want to taste my lettuce tart? Marked wrong.


Duo persists in posing questions in English using this construction - but it's not usually the way we do it, unless seeking confirmation. We would usually use the construction suggested by Ros80449


"Does nobody want to taste my lettuce cake?" is not accepted, but there is no explanation why. I guess because cake and tar mean different things? Does anyone ever use the word "tart" in English? And why is the English sentence in the answer without the "Does"? That seems unnatural in English.


The word for cake is gâteau. A tart is a very small pie, often with a fruit filling and no top crust.


Not so for tarts in the UK or probably in France. Tarts can be of quite large diameter, eg lemon tart/tart au citron or lemon meringue tart. However what we call "jam tarts" are typically quite small, only, say 5 cm to 8 cm across..


Nobody wants to eat my lettuce tart. Should be accepted? Nobody and no one are interchangable.


Unfortunately you have the wrong verb. This not about eating (manger) but about goûter = tasting/sampling, see https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/go%C3%BBter

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