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"Elle jouait dans un club de rugby très connu."

Translation:She used to play in a very well-known rugby club.

June 23, 2020



In the UK, you play for a rugby club (or sometimes at a rugby club.

I'm pretty sure that likewise in France, on joue pour un club de rugby.


In the US also, one says someone plays for, not in. For example, Joe plays for the Yankees, he is a pitcher for the Dodgers, etc. Never ever is it said to paid in the team or club. I note that "dans" is often the french word used for at (e.g., "je dîne dans le nouveau restaurant ce soir", would be translated as "I am eating at the new restaurant tonight", so it seems to have flexible translations. I wrote "for" and was marked wrong, I reported it.


I'm pretty sure that likewise in France, on joue pour un club de rugby.

Not really, the french sentence is correct.


"Play for" still marked wrong. We Americans play for a team, not in one.


tres connu = well known. "very" is not necessary, I think


Duo's sentence presumably means that she plays in the club bar!


I used the plural form: elles jouaient, which sounds exactly the same. Marked incorrect.


An answer without "very" should be accepted because that meaning is already carried by "well-known". To illustrate this, the construction given would be unable to ever be translated as just "well-known" if "tres" is required.

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