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"I know more or less how to draw."

Translation:Je sais plus ou moins dessiner.

June 23, 2020



Where's the HOW in this sentence? I know more or less TO draw? What are the rules for when and when not to use COMMENT?


@TedLandres, when "savoir" is followed by an "Infinitive" verb, it is always translated as "Know how to do something" e.g, je sais nager- I know how to swim, je sais lire - I know how to read, je sais plus ou moins dessiner - I know more or less how to draw. H.T.H.


Thank you. Maintenant, je sais, plus ou moins, utiliser le mot savoir? ... ou peut-etre pas?


merci . for me too


je sais plus ou moins comment dessiner

is also accepted.

And I know that savoir comment faire qqch is often used as an alternative to savoir faire qqch.


Why can't this be: je sais dessiner plus ou moins? We're rarely doing direct translations. Is this one of those rare times it must be? Why is "je sais plus ou moins dessiner" the only accepted order?


je sais plus ou moins comment a dessiner. Is this actually wrong or merely tautologous?

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