I started learning Navajo a few minutes ago, but when i started a lesson, it sounded like it was recorded. Does this have anything to do with beta? i am confused

June 23, 2020


It's a very rare language. It's in the beta section because its rare and they are still adding lessons into that language. It's only recorded prob because they couldn't find a very "Professional" Sound for it. I honestly don't exactly know.

Oh, now i know. thanks! lingot = x5

Thank you! but i already have a lot. take 3 back ;)

"Rare" is relative I guess. :) It's the most widely spoken native North American language today and one of only a handful that still has tens of thousands of first-language speakers. (Ojibwe is the second-most widely spoken IIRC.) The vast majority of native North American languages are moribund, but Navajo is not.

It's my understanding that it is being developed by one of the high schools on the Navajo Nation Lands. Most of the voices on DUO are computer generated, but there is apparently no computer generation available for Navajo. Kudos to the volunteers doing the course, I wish it were longer, but high school kids only have so much time and so many things to do.

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