my family originally came from Georgia (the country),i would love to surprise them , i tried many times to learn the language but i found it really hard to learn by myself . does anyone speak Georgian fluently and is willing to contribute ? i would really appreciate it :)

August 3, 2014


Georgian would be more useful to me than High Valyrian...

i just checked it out , its really helpful , thank you :)

Hello, yes, please! I am trying to learn Georgian. Please, if you are out there, do what you can to bring this unique language to the prominence it deserves. Many people in Georgia speak English, and many Georgians live in the English-speaking countries. This should be possible!

I'd love to learn it!, I can read the alphabet but the grammar was a bit hard so I gave up haha.

hey, i'm Georgian :) it's my native language, if u'll need some help u can ask me any time

Hi ,Can you help me? I want to learn georgian

i speak :)) .. can i help u? I'm georgian

thank you Tamuna :) if you want you can vote for Georgian, hopefully make it bigger until duolingo decides to make a Georgian course :)

heey i'm willing to help if you still want to learn it! i'm georgian and i'm more than glad to help.

thanks :) ill let you know if I have a specific question

Can we please get with the Georgian already, Duolingo? We have 85 people in my choir traveling there in a few months and I'd love to have some sort of knowledge of the language before I go! (thank you to everyone who's posted resources, esp. Tamuna10)

გამარჯობა :), please vote here as well. Having Geo-Eng course would make it easier to have Eng-Geo cource as well. And please do share with friends, you can use this short url

I'm English but my Georgian wife taught me the language while we lived in Tbilisi for a year. I'd be glad to help contribute to this course.

Added vote and lingots!

მადლობა ^_^

არაფრის :)

I am from the US state of Georgia, and have been fascinated with the country of Georgia ever since I was a small child and found out it was a country with the same name as the state I lived in. Would love to learn the language.

იეს იეს თოუთალი იეს

woo, pretty! O.O

thank you for the lingot ;)

It's like a magic spell. Teach me your fabulous ways oh ancient one.


Our organization, Educare Georgia ( ) wants to make Georgian-English course become real. if you are still interested contact me.

did you do any progress on that?

not much, but working on it :). pease support here

Ja, Georgisch ist ziemlich hart

I totally agree, the writing is gorgeous! xx

Here is new topic for Georgian vote, vote, vote ^_^

This is for Georgians wanting English.

I want to visit Georgia and would love to see a Duolingo Georgian! Please make this happen!

yeah I want the same thing :) my dream is to go there speaking Georgian fluently

The only thing is is that people leave mediocre applications, that's why a lot of them are turned down. It'll have to be pretty persuasive. Just bringing up the fact that not very many people speak it and that a course on duolingo could help preserve the language would definitely help.

I'd love to see this course on here. I used Hippocrene's book on Georgian, and it's pretty good, but this is definitely a language I'd like to see more resources on (partially because the script is so beautiful and unlike anything I've seen before)

I am from Georgia i can help you :)

Can you help me please?

Another vote for Georgian!


Thanks for joining the discussion, Nino!

Haha my biological mother named me Nino when I was born! My adoptive parents changed my name once I arrived to America but I remember them telling me how special that name was to the country :)

What an interesting story!

I vote! For Georgian!

I would love to learn Georgian.

It looks like you will try anything twice, Cheshire_Cat22. Thanks for supporting Georgian on Duolingo. I can't wait. This will be your newest challenge.

So I come form Georgia and I speak Georgian but I live in America. I go to Georgia to visit family and do other things but I sometimes have a hard time gathering the right word for a conversation. I thought that Duolingo could help but it doesn't have the Georgian language so I tried looking for websites but could not help. I speak fluently and can talk in conversations but sometimes struggle with not finding the word I want. Anyone care to help?

Hey! I know it's a little late, but you and I are the same. :) რამდენიბე ვებსაიტი არსებობს, ნახე ამ პოსტში კომენტები. აჰა, სხვებმაც დაპოსტეს ეს ლინკი: 421-ე გვერდზე არის "Vocabulary", მაგაში ნახავ ბევრ სიტყვას. იცი, ყველაზი კარგად ისწავლი კითხვაში. ბევრი წიგნია, მეც მაქვს ბევრი ანუ თუ გინა, გამოგიგზავნი იმაილით. უი ქართველი თუ ხარ, დედ-მამას კითხე ;) ექნებათ, ან საქართველოში ვიღაცასთან ან თქვენთან. ვაჰ როგორ მეზიზღება ხანდახან ქართულად კითხვა, მაგრამ ვიცი რომ ეგრე ვისწავლი... და უნდა ვისწავლო. კიდევ ერთი რამე: ლექსები! ლექსები დაიზეპირე! თანაც როცა ჩახვალ საქართველოში, თუ დაიწყებ რამე ლექსის თქმას ყველა გამოშტერდება! როგორ მიყვარს მაგისი გაკეთება, :D ჩემი პირველი დაზეპირებული ლექსი იყო "არწივი". არც ისეთი ძნელია და არც ისეთი გრძელი. Good luck! x Email me:

Here is a new topic for Georgian. Vote, vote, vote ^_^

thank you for letting me know :) I think that finally Georgian is getting bigger ! this is so exiting

Hey! I'm Georgian and I would be happy to help you to learn Georgian. I want my language to be on Duolingo too. I wish it will be done soon.

Yeah, I would learn Georgian; most likely just conversational Georgian. I would like to visit the country some day. Looks beautiful, and I would like to speak to the local population in their own language.

I'd love to learn the Georgian script, it looks so cool!

I wouldn't mind just learning how to translate English into Georgian script! Beautiful alphabet!

b ბ d დ f-- g გ/ჯ h ჰ j ჯ k ქ l ლ m მ n ნ p ფ q ქ r რ s ს t თ v ვ w-- x ქს z ზ we don't have f sound we use p-ფ instead , we also don't have w sound we use u-უ instead (see below).

a ა sounds like u in cut; e ე sounds like e in ten; i ი sounds like i in city; o ო sounds o in not; u უ sounds like oo in moon.

g in general sounds like georgian ჯ; g in game sounds like georgian გ

Aw man, to read The Knight in the Panther Skin in the original… And to see how damn beautiful Georgia is… Eeyup, definitely worth an upvote.

lolalilach I live in Georgia and I am a native speaker... if you'd like I can help you to pick up Georgian language.

Thanks for bringing out the big guns to support Georgian on Duolingo. Impressive streak and languages portfolio!

I want to learn Georgian so much! I will donate all the lingots I have.

I want to learn Georgian as well, and duolingo could help quite a bit!

It would be amazing to have a georgian course here, such a unique language

Definitely! I would love a Georgian course!

Is there already Georgian available?

Not yet. I am bugging them till Armenian and Georgian are in the incubator.

As a native speaker, I'd gladly contribute for this, if it's necessary :)

Please add Georgian to Duolingo, it's my favourite Language in the entire world and I only know a handful of words and sentences. Why am I able to learn Fictional Languages when I can't learn a real life Language that will help me communicate with 5+ million people?. Madloba Duolingo, your efforts will be appreciated.

Comes down to popularity. Klingon and Valyrian are popular and pull people in, while a language like Georgian isn't as popular and won't attract as many people to a platform. Having numbers saying X amount of people see the site every day is how sites sell space to advertisers and make money. Personally I'd love to learn Georgian, but I still learned about Living Language when I picked up a book on Dothraki. Don't even like the show but it was interesting and they found a new customer. A language I knew about and wasn't interested in learning wouldn't have done that.

This is a very interesting insight. Thank you for sharing your story. I think your theory would hold, if the idea was only to build a Georgian course for English speakers. But the goal is and has always been to first build an English course for Georgian speakers - which will make building a Georgian course for English speakers down the line much easier. English speakers, both native and second language speakers, have such a gift, the opportunity to learn so many other languages, because so many other people are learning English. With that said, while I enthusiastically support the teaching and learning of conlangs like those you mention, I do not believe that they draw as many users as an English for Georgian speakers course would. Consider that almost all Georgian young people are learning English in school, and many adults need English proficiency to continue their educations or work in a professional setting. There is also the moral question at stake here. Do we as Duolingo users spend hours and years here just to make advertisers money? No, we do it to improve ourselves, and create a better world. While, again, I enthusiastically support the teaching and learning of conlangs, the point is valid. Given Duolingo's mission, and the ethos of its community, I believe that the people of Georgia have more of a claim to benefit from Duolingo than do fans of a dramatic series or conlang enthusiasts who already speak an important world language like English. This is where more of the resources of this community should be focused, and it is jarring when we see that they are not.

Georgian alphabet seems beautiful but very difficult to learn :)

Learning the alphabet was super easy! there is only one set of letters (no big or small letters) and it was essential for me going around in georgia by bus (to read the signs where the bus is going :) but i did not have the time to learn the language, besides some basic phrases. so i think i would give this course a try

i used this tool to learn the letters:;prot=3

thank you , its really helpful :)

Seriously, that whole site is awesome.

It's not too bad, it's mainly getting used to the letters that look so similar like პ კ ვ ჴ, ხ ძ, ღ ლ, შ წ, etc.

Is ჴ still used? I'm pretty sure it's not.

You're right, it's not.

by Gaw how does one ever get used to them??

The alphabet was easy to learn! But I'm a bit confused with where to start from with the language itself.

Start with nouns. Verbs take several lifetimes to learn (-: Not to mention all the magic that happens to and between words when you make full sentences.

you would be surprised - try out the site quizlet...makes it fun. No this is not a sponsored link!

The alphabet is easy. I think I had it down by my third day in Georgia on my first trip. For some reason I still mix up their a and i though when I'm writing/typing, even though they don't look alike. There are two old alphabets that are not really used any more. I did find it too hard to learn those.

Hippie, your language list is impressive. You look like a guy who will try anything twice. Will you please tell us more about your travels to Georgia and about learning the language?

Haha well I'm not that good at many languages but I've been interested in languages since I was a little kid. I started travelling to non-English speaking countries in 1996 and try to learn a little to a lot of every language whose territory I enter. I travel usually every year or every second year, depending on when I have enough money. I hitchhike and sometimes camp and do everything as cheap as I can (but not as cheap as others I've met!). I'm currently in Romania for the first time in seven or eight years. I started this trip over thirteen months ago with three months in Taiwan.

As for Georgian, I first visited for a couple of weeks in 2010 when I was offered a job in a backpacker hostel if I came back. So I returned in 2011 and stayed for 7 months. I had three or four books to help me learn Georgian and I think my pronunciation is OK but I failed to get anywhere with verbs or making my own sentences. Most Georgians are not good teachers of their own language, unlike Vietnamese for example. Unless you're very gifted it's a language you really do need a teacher to get beyond Tarzan-style sentences.

I'm hoping to make my way to Georgia in the coming months. They still allow anyone to work on any kind of visa, and citizens of many countries are welcome to stay for 360 days. That doesn't mean finding work is easy, or will pay well (-:

hi how are you !

I would love to see Georgian for English speakers available on duolingo. How many names do we need to get this off the ground!!

As much as possible. Please vote here and share

Every Lingot that I earn over 20 I am donating to the link that you just sent as a vote for the English for Georgian speakers course, in the hopes that we will one day see a Georgian for English speakers course. Thank you for directing me to this link!

Thank you for support :). I'm sure Duolingo will add Georgian, its just matter of time. And the more likes that post will get, I guess the sooner we will see here Georgian

I just started to learn Georgian recently and was having some trouble figuring out how to pronounce some of the letters. Can anyone explain how to make the sounds, ღ, ყ, and ხ (like tongue placement and all that)? I also don't exactly understand the difference between ქ and კ, თ and ტ, and ჩ and ჭ. Any help is appreciated! Thank you! :)

The ქ is a softer sound like the q in the word queen. The კ is a more pronounced k sound. The word I think of in English is Cadillac. Pronounce the first c a little harder than normal. ჩ is like the ch in church. ჭ is a short harder ch sound. I can't think of a word in English that would have the kind of sound. Just pronounce it with more of a short and harder ch. ღ, ხ და ყ I can't explain over a message. Like razmikb said they are from the throat. The ღ is kind of like the French r if you are familiar with French. Hope that helps a little bit.

Thank you guys very much! I really appreciate it.

ღ, ყ, and ხ are throat sounds.

I'm Mexican and find this language so interesting to learn

Wow, so many Georgians :)

გამარჯობა, lolalilach! Yes, I am a native speaker of the Georgian language. If you need help, contact me. I would be more than happy to help you.

Hi, here is a Georgian language course which teaches Georgian alphabet and simple conversational phrases.

Heyy, glad to hear about willing to learn Georgian, i'm native speaker, so if you still want i can contribute :)

Can you help me please? I want a small translation!

if anyone needs help, you can contact me

I vote for Georgian!

i can hellp to learn Georgian for French speakers.

Hello. Can I ask a translation from English in Georgian!? I am from greet. I want to make a proposal to a Georgian girl!

What exactly do you want to say? Just will you marry me? If that's what you want, it's გამომყვები ცოლად? (gamomkvebi tsolad)

I want to say a small sentence. But I don't know Georgian at all. I don't know how to speak or read. Can you translate a small sentence for me? Please! I appreciate that!

I told you to to write exactly what you wanted to say

Dear Tamta. I know you about 7 months. i believe that i find in you the meaning of my life. i know that i am not the best person. but i want you in my life and I love you more than you imagine. So would you live with me forever as my wife, my love and my friend?

So did you do it??? Did you propose??

I want to tell her not to write. So I have problem with the sound of the phrases. In example thank you is madblot I think. But I say it like I see it.

So you just want me to write it all out for you in English letters and let you just try to figure out the rest?

Yeah if you can of course. I want to see that I can make something for her. I am from.greece so I need to speak English in there and try to understand in English..I appreciate your help and support lot. I can't find anything in play store or Google for full translation so I came here. Thanks a lot again!

If you want write your email and I can help you with Georgian cause you obviously want to learn a little.

When a famous Georgian Athlete died a most unfortunate death, the world mourned and wished we could tell his family how much we are sorry but alas we could not because almost none of us spoke Georgian. Georgian is needed because this is a global world and no one should be left behind, especially in sorrow. This was during the Olympics but I forget which year.

I would very much like Georgian to be offered on duolingo for English speakers. One of my family friends who has raised us like her children is Georgian and I would love to be able to communicate in her native language and with her family.

I'd like to learn this fascinating language.

I'm a native Russian speaker and I need to learn the Georgian language!

I need Georgian for russians

I definitely agree, it would be quite nice to Georgian courses for Russian and English speakers.

Georgian would be very nice

I would like to see a Georgian course available on Duolingo.

Please add Georgian to Duolingo.

გამარჯობა! ვიცი, ეს ძველი პოსტია, მაგრამ უბრალოდ თქმა მინდოდა რომ მე ვარ ამერიკაში-მცხოვრელი ქართველი, და ძალიან მომინდებოდა ქართულ კურსის გაკეთების დამხმარებაში! როცა ვნახულობ ვინმე ქართულ-მოყვარულს, ძალიან ვამაყობ რომ ჩემმა ქვეყანამ გამოიწვია ეს სიყვარული. ისე, მეც მინდა ქართული ვისწავლო უფრო კარგად, ლამის მთელი ცხოვრებაა ვცხოვრობ საქართველოს გარეთ. ნეტავ დუოლინგო ნახავს ჩვენს მოთხოვნებს და ინკუბატორში მიცემს ქართულს ადგილს! - მარიტა

Hello! I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that I am a Georgian-American, and I would really love to help with making a Georgian course on Duolingo! Whenever I meet someone (a foreigner) who loves Georgia, I'm so proud that my country caused this (kind of translation). You know, I also want to learn Georgian better, considering I've been living outside of Georgia for almost my whole life. I hope Duolingo sees our pleads and gives Georgian a place in the incubator! - Marita

I also would like to see the Georgian language for English speakers. I tried to learn some this summer, with the help of my Georgian friend from high school (well, it did not work much, as she was not so eager to help me).

To be honest, I love how it sounds, and I am still willing to learn more about the language and culture. Hell, I still did not eat a Khachapuri yet in my life! Let's hope to see a Georgian course in a short time.

please every one of you please vote for my cooment

and please all the native please contribute a Georgian course my step mother is half Georgian

მეც ხმას ვაძლევ ქართულ ენას! საქართველო თურქეთის მეზობელია და მეგობარია. 2009 წლიდან ვსწავლობ ქართულს და შუალედურ დონემდე მივაღწიე. Hope Georgian gets added into Duolingo and we enjoy learning it!

My wife is Georgian and I am trying to learn Georgian. I'd like to speak, as well, so that our children can more easily learn. I would love to see the language on Duolingo.

I would love to learn this beautiful language!

Yes, even the beautiful script itself would be worth it :) Let alone the fascinating and beautiful language itself. Also, it would be the first Caucasian language to be available on Duolingo. This fascinating region deserves our respect :)

Please add Georgian!

I want to learn Georgian, please please please do this!

My Georgian is still limited and I want to refresh it and improve it. So I totally support the idea, both for English and Russian speakers.

I will participate

ამ პროგრამას ვერ გადაწერ ხო ქართული რო იყოს ისე?

ჯერ არაა დამატებული ქართული. აქ შეგიძლიათ მისცეთ ხმა რომ დაამტონ

მე მივწერე კიდეც ადმინისტრაციას, მაგრამ რაღაცა გაუგებარი პასუხი მომივიდა. იქნებ რამე მოხერხდეს და დაემატოს ქართულიც!

გამარჯობა ლუკა, გაუგებარში რას გულისხმობთ? ამ ეტაპზე ალბათ მთავარია ვაჩვენოთ რომ მოთხოვნა არის. ამისთვის ბევრი ხმა უნდა დაგროვდეს

დაახლოებით რამდენი ხმა იქნება საჭირო?

ესე კონკრეტულად არაა განსაზღვრული. მაგრამ რომ 2000+ მივაღვწევთ შეგვამჩნევენ. რადგან ხმის მიცემა სადაც ხდება, მაგ topic-ში ყველაზე მეტი ხმა აქვს ამას, 1900-რაღაც

Where are your parents from exactly? do you know thair name of origin?

In the expression "რა პატარაა" how is the double ა pronounced? I have a book and audio tape I am using to learn Georgian, but it doesn't tell me how to pronounce that one in particular.

In Georgian, if there are two of the same vowels next to each you hold out the sound for longer than the regular sound. For example the verb to do გაკეთება is in the nominative form, if you conjugate the verb to future 3rd person singular it goes to გააკეთებს. Since there are two ა's together then you say ga-ake-tebs. Another example of holding out the vowel sound is in the verb დაარსება. This means to establish/set up. When you conjugate this verb in the future 3rd person singular it goes დააარსებს. It's pronounced da-a-ar-sebs. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much!

It's not a problem at all. If you have more questions write all of them and i'll go and answer all of them.

And can you explain the meaning of latter ა in "რა პატარაა"

The very last ა means არის. In Georgian the sentence order is pretty free. They also like to shorten sentences when they can and this is one case in which they can do so. If you don't know what არის means, it means he is, she is, or it is. You can add a single ა to the end of words as the third person singular to be form of the word instead of saying არის. For example in Georgian I can say, დედაჩემი მნიშვნელოვანია or I could say დედაჩემი არის მნიშვნელოვანი, but I can also say დედაჩემი მნიშვნელოვანი არის. All three of these sentences means, "my mother is important" but the 'is' changes positions in the sentence. დედა= mother adding the ჩემი onto დედა makes it my mother and მნიშვნელოვანი= important. Georgians typically will put the ა on the end of the words just because it sounds better and you have one less word to say. To solidify our understanding of this concept, here is another example, შოთა კარგი ბიჭია. This means, Shota (man's name) is a good boy. კარგი = good ბიჭი = boy the ა at the end stand for არის. You could also write this sentence as, შოთა კარგი ბიჭი არის or შოთა არის კარგი ბიჭი. If you didn't know already in Georgian, they like to put their verbs at the end of the sentence so შოთა კარგი ბიჭი არის would be the best one to use if you didn't use შოთა კარგი ბიჭია (this one is the best to say).

საღოლ ! :D გრამატიკულად მაინც შეკვეცილი ფორმაა სწორი მაგრამ საუბრისას ორივეს ვიყენებთ. (კარგი ბავშვია და არა კარგი ბავშვი არის, მაგრამ კარგი ბავშვები არიან და არა კარგი ბავშვებია, სტილისტურად უმჯობესია კარგი ბავშვია,კარგი ბავშვები არიან.

Were you testing me? :)

I noticed the letter ვ sounds like the English "w" in a lot of Georgian words. Is there a specific rule for that?

The rule is that if it makes the word easier to say with a "w" sound then say the word with a "w". If you can say the word without problems as a "v" sound then keep it as a "v" sound.

Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it.

Also, does anyone know of a good online English-Georgian/Georgian English dictionary?

There are two that are okay, but they aren't great. The first one is and the second one is Once your Georgian is better there is a georgian online dictionary that is really good. It's

I know this response is late, but I'd like to make it clear that ვ should be pronounced as "v" at all times, that's the actual rule - one sound for each letter. However, casual speakers don't bother that much. When speaking fast, when people don't try to enunciate etc. some letters are slurred over, softened and sound slightly different. What you should do is pronounce it as "v" even if you don't hear the natives do it, then brag about having better pronunciation than the natives themselves ;)

haha sounds good! Thank you! :)

Another question, is there a way to tell what syllable in a word is stressed?

Yes, you usually stress the first syllable of the word and the rest are all weaker and more or less equal.

There's an exception for interrogative sentences WITHOUT interrogative words, where a verb takes the role of an interrogative word. Its last vowel is elongated, the vowel containing it acquires a drastically different intonation and a stronger stress. It usually becomes just as, or even more stressed than the first syllable of it.

Another case when it slightly differs is when a word with a single syllable is followed by a longer one. In this case the stress can be put on that short word and the first syllable of the next word may not receive any noticeable stress whatsoever. For example, "ra ginda? ras itkhov?" (რა გინდა? რას ითხოვ? - What do you want? What do you demand?) - You stress "ra", "gin" and "da" are weaker and almost equal, then you stress "ras" and "it" and "khov" are once again equal and weaker. In fact, here's a (silly) conversation:

"ra ginda? ras itkhov?" (What do you want? What do you demand?)

"saertod arapers." (nothing at all)

"mitkhari!" (Tell me!)

"ar getkvi!" (I won't tell you!)

This is pretty much a waltz, when speaking, it goes with a rhythm like "one! two three, one! two three, one! two three" and so on.

For the musically educated, more often than not sentences in Georgian speech receive syllable stress much like non syncopated 4/4, 3/4, 5/4 etc. in classical music (most often 4/4), where each sentence is a bar, each syllable is a 1/8 note and a group of tied notes represents a word. :D

Wow that's pretty cool actually. Thank you so much! :)

My pleasure :)

So, any chance of this happening? As a native Georgian speaker and a dedicated grammar nazi (ahem), I'd be willing to provide any help needed ^_^

Yes, ^_^. First, we need to get 4000+ votes to be the most popular topic on the forum. Please vote and share also please fill the contributor's form მადლობა :)

Would it be better to just learn the language verbally or is it necessary to learn the alphabet as well?

You can learn Georgian with Latin script. In fact, many Georgians use Latin script to communicate in Georgian in their daily electronic correspondences. However, that is "officially" frowned upon. You can't just learn Georgian verbally, or at least there is no reason to do that if you can already read and write. It makes learning the language more difficult. Georgian has many complex consonant clusters. You will not hear certain sounds, and therefore you will have a hard time pronouncing them. You will eventually have to backtrack and learn the correct pronunciation, when you might have saved time, and learned it the first time if you had seen the spelling. Take ერთი erti - the number one, for example. It is pretty easy. Now look at ცხრა tskhra - the number nine, though. Now things get much more complicated. Without looking at the spelling, and even in your first attempts with the spelling in front of you, as a foreigner, you will almost certainly drop a sound. And Georgians will notice when you do. Let's take another look: თით titi is finger. Easy enough. But, ფრჩხილი prchkhili is fingernail. You will probably drop a sound or two, or else pronounce the wrong p or the wrong ch if you are learning just from hearing. It is actually going to take a very patient Georgian teacher, or Georgian relative to help you even hear how that is pronounced. Again, let's take ბანანი banani - banana. We are doing pretty good. Then we come to ტყემალი tqemali - the hugely popular Geogrian cherry plum, and the sauce of the same name. Do you see why, even though hearing a language is the most important thing, having the advantage of seeing the letters (either Georgian, or good Latin transliteration) is a huge a advantage. If you are serious about learning Georgian, start learning the alphabet. It will only take a few days. It doesn't have to be your major priority, and you can always use Latin script too. Most books and online resources use both. There are lots of online quizzes flash cards and games. For example. Also, will be a great tool for you I also reccomend adding a Georgian keyboard to your computer. You will use your same, regular Latin keys, but you will see their Georgian equivalents when they pop up on your screen. You will learn to type in no time. If you love penmanship and calligraphy, you will love Georgian. It is a beautiful script to read and to write. If you don't, it will probably take you a long time to catch on with handwriting the letters. It does not have to be something you spend a lot of time at the beginning on though. It definitely does help, crystallize them in your mind and your muscular memory, but you can learn as you go. Meanwhile, apart from living in Georgia, or having a teacher, reading and writing Georgian cursive will likely elude you for some time. But that is ok. You can still make huge progress in the language with just a cursory knowledge of the script. You will improve naturally over time, as your curiosity and use of the language increases. Much success to you!

I would say it is necessary. You'll be saving yourself a lot of headache and confusion. There are many complicated and unusual (for foreigners) sounding words to memorize and having them written down is important. Romanization is little to no help in understanding how some letters are supposed to be pronounced and the Latin transcriptions used in everyday communication by native Georgians themselves can offer several different transcriptions of such letters. Take a look at this, for example: the letter ქ can be seen transcribed as "k" or "q" and "k" can be used for ქ and კ interchangeably. ჭ could be transcribed as "j", "ch", "dj", "tj" or "tch", and since Georgian language likes to make small clusters of consonants, you could be very confused as to which combinations of letters are supposed to transcribe one Georgian letter and which ones are to be read one by one. "X" can be a transcription of "ქს" or "ხ" (the latter one is the influence of Cyrillic alphabet), and at the same time "ქს" can also be transcribed as "qs", or "ks". "ხ" is best transcribed as "kh". I could go on. Just learn the alphabet. :)

if someone want's to learn Georgian i would like to help, here is my Skype sally_pita

Hi! I am a native Georgian speaker.

თურმე რა ცოტანი ვართ ქართველები აქ its so sad i dont see here a lots of Georgians :(

გამრავლდით და უფრო მეტნი იქნებით))))

პრობლემა ენების არ ცოდნაშია არ იციან ჩვენთან ენები და როგორ ისწავლიან თორე ტელეფონი და კომპიუტერი ყველას აქვს

სასწაული ტიპი ხარ :D ყველანაირი გაგებით

i speak no even live in georgia

I would love to learn Georgian! :) I'm trying to learn the alphabets of Archi ( this language has so few resources for me to learn from I'm so disappointed I HOPE they come out with more) Adyghe ( Circassian)/ Kabardian, I also want to learn Tatar (Kazan)! My native tongue is American English. I have found these languages to be beautiful and intriguing! :) I hope one day we can learn these on Duolingo! :)

I like georgian but is difficult and is more useful than other languages because it opens to 4 million people and a new type of languages, agglutinative and languages which have ergative cases, something that, for example, basque language do.

I was adopted from Gerogia when I was just 3 months old and have lived as a regular American ever since. However I would love to go back and visit the country where I was born, and maybe even contact my biological parents. I don’t speak their language though, so it would be very difficult for me to communicate with them without paying for an interpreter. That’s why I would be so thrilled to see the Georgian language added to Duolingo so i can learn the language of my native country right here at home!

if anyone needs help to learn Georgian, you can contact me on skype: Georgian teacher

I am a Spanish teacher in the USA, and I would love to learn Georgian. Vivo en EEUU y enseño epañol. Me encantaria aprender la lengua georgiana.

Very good, if you have any question about it, I'm here. I'm beginner in Spanish.

Thank you! How can we get in contact with you? I am curious, how did you learn English?

i learnt from books, i didn't have good practice in speaking.

here is my skype id: georgian teacher

hi, I'm a native Georgian speaker and I'll be really glad to help you

Hi,can you help me? i want to learn georgian.

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