"Rien ne me plaît autant que les viennoiseries."

Translation:Nothing pleases me so much as pastries.

June 23, 2020

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"Nothing pleases me as much as pastries" seems more natural to me.


Yes, I always say "Nothing pleases me as much as pastries." But I didn't have the options in the word bank.


Nothing pleases me AS much as pastries. So far, in this set of exercises, it is clear that there is a need to have the sentences proof read by a native speaker of English.


Yes. I don't think any english speaking native has used this expression in this way (describing something you eat) for a century or so. The correct translation is on the lines of 'I like nothing so much as a pastry' or 'i like nothing better than pastries'


Hi Warwick. I agree with your second option, but would use the expression 'I like nothing as much as a pastry'. Using 'so much' sounds wrong to me in this context. Just my opinion.


Yes, "Nothing pleases me so much as pastries." is the literal translation but would you really express this notion as such? To me, it seems more natural to simply say "I don't like anything as much as pastries". That is the translation I gave.


And Duolingo probably marked you as wrong, right?


I'll add my voice to the choir requesting "as much as" to be an acceptable answer to this sentence. "As much as" is even the first option in the drop down box when one hovers the cursor over "autant que." Therefore, "as much as" should be allowed in this exercise.


Love your choral analogy. I find your contribution harmonious.


Crazy. The hint for "autant" is "as much" but you can't say that because the word bank only offers one "as" and you need it for later in the sentence. So you're forced to say "so much" instead.

Not a huge thing, but just another example of how sloppy little details make an otherwise fine course annoying at times.


The word tiles only offer the default translation. If you want to say it a different way, switch to keyboard and type it in. Keyboard is better for learning anyway.


But not often available in the app.


Why is "I don't like anything as much as pastries" not accepted?


It is impossible to answer this with the words provided. You need two "As" and there is only one.


If you look at Duo's "preferred" answer at the top of the page, it only uses one "as", so it is clearly not impossible. There is only one "as" in the word bank. If you use the "type it" option, then you can try two of "as", which as others have mentioned here as a better option. I don't know whether Duo accepts it.


"I don't like anything as much as pastries." is not accepted. As long as I have been using it, DL has never accepted "pleases me" for "me plaît". Now it is the only thing they will accept.


These unnatural translations are not helping me learn French. A bit of a sidetrack in the learning process. I don't know anybody who speaks this way.


Duo's English is horrible


So we have a problem here of English being a bit lacking: a pastry would be a pâtisserie, we don't really have an equivalent word for viennoiserie in English as far as I know :(


I think the only correct term in English is "Viennese pastries".


In English, "Viennese pastries" would usually be considered a subset of "pastries".

In French, "la viennoiserie" is not a sub-category of "la pâtisserie", but a totally separate category.


Unfortunately that was not accepted.


That's Duo for you. Some Americans call them "breakfast pastries", but I doubt if that works either.


What is the difference in meaning (in this context)? My French dictionary shows them as synonyms when referring to pastries.


Nothing makes me as happy as pastries


Again... Really poor English... It makes me question whether the French is also in very bad grammaire...


Probably not. I'm hoping the sentences were written by French speakers, so the English is wonky, but the original shouldn't be.


Could it be "I like nothing more than the pastries


Nothing makes me happy as much as pastries.......should be acccepted


"I like nothing so much as pastries" - more idiomatic I thnk. Reported.


I like nothing more than the pastries.


Perhaps AI does the translations.


Duo's AI is not advanced enough for that!


I'm not clear about when to use "autant que" as opposed to "aussi que". I think this is the first appearance of "autant que" in the DL exercises. A Tip section explaining this would be helpful.


but you'd have to eat them first, otherwise not pleasing at all.


Hey Duo"Nothing pleases me as much as pastries" should be accepted, it sounds way more correct than "nothing pleases me so much as pastries", don't you agree ?


Yes, I think Duo should accept either. The only way to get it changed is to report it (if possible).


Yes and that's what I did ;-).

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