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Finnish is Finally Out

I was waiting for it since it has been announced on Duolingo early this year. And I have been checking it constantly. And it's out today after a long time, but I still can't access it right now. This happened too with the Latin course, I only started learning it after some time since its release. Anyway guys enjoy learning.

June 23, 2020



And all tips and notes can be seen here: http://duome.eu/tips/en/fi :D


Finally... It came 6 months 1 week and a day earlier than planned


Thanks for the notification. Started the course and couldn't help but run through to the first checkpoint. Seems not all is lost from the university years...


I’m glad that you’re excited to join the community in anticipation of learning Finnish! I’ve been skimming through some basics of it, and I can’t help think of Frozen(as somebody who hasn’t really interacted with common Finland practices) whenever I complete a lesson. They include people named “Elsa” and “Anna,” and include words like “sauna,” that commonly appear in Frozen.


I never saw Frozen, that's definitely too much Disney sparkle for my deep black heart. But a sauna is a really common occurrence in Finland as well, I assume. :)


Yes, indeed, the sauna does make several appearances in Frozen as well. And don’t worry, I’m not the biggest fan of Frozen as well, the songs get ever so slightly annoying after they are being pumped into your ears 24/7 by radios.


I only heard that those songs exist, but never heard one of them. Lucky me!


Yey !!

I will defo try !


i am half finnish

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