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"You went to bed way too late!"

Translation:Tu t'es couché beaucoup trop tard !

June 23, 2020



Hi, Jojo, may be, may be. But not very clear. There was "beaucoup trop bu" where "beaucoup trop" applies to boire. Following the same logic why "beaucoup trop tard" as a single and indivisible block doesn't apply to "se coucher"? Although I would say that even that "beaucoup trop bu" offends my ear.


Why is beaucoup after couche not after es? Isn't it supposed to be between the auxiliary verb and the past participle?


Here beaucoup applies to trop tard not to se coucher


What " Beaucoup trop tard " mean here ? "Lot of too late " ?


beaucoup means, "a lot, a great deal, very much " and, colloquially, "loads" or, as it is worded here, "way" .

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