June 23, 2020



Unrelated, but I'm so glad this course is finally here. Thanks to all of the people that made this, I can't wait to start :)


Thank you for the course! But I'm a little confused with having to just repeat the people's names


Fun(?) fact: You can also use this particular word to say 'bear', as "otso" can mean that animal. Kind of like "kitty" for cat.


Indeed! "Otso" is a version of "ohto", which is also the original Finnish word for bear. The current word used in Standard Finnish is "karhu", which was one of the more than 100 euphemisms used instead of "ohto". Depending on the area you live in, about 3-20 of these words are still in everyday use. Of these, we currently also teach "nalle", which is these days used mainly of teddy bears. :)


If you have about 3-20 of these words in everyday use, are they interchangeable, or are there differences in nuance?

BTW, I want to echo what others have said -- thank you so much for working so hard and efficiently on this course. I was so surprised to see it in beta. Great surprise!


There are differences in nuances as well, although those differences vary by region. The one exception that I can think of is tapio (which is also a common first name), which tends to be used reverently anywhere you can hear it. :)


Thank you for the course!


correct solution "Otso"


It seems kind of needless to keep repeating names.


this is similar to bear in Spanish "oso" :D

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