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  5. "Tervetuloa Liisa!"

"Tervetuloa Liisa!"

Translation:Welcome Liisa!

June 23, 2020



What's the difference between "terve" and "tervetuloa"?


"Terve" (meaning "healthy/well") is a greeting like "hello" or "hi".

"Tervetuloa" has the same components as "welcome" and means the same as well ("terve" - "healthy/well" and "tulo (+ partitive ending -a)" - "to come".) You say it when someone enters your house, for example, just like with "welcome".


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I am not 100% sure but I think the former means hello and the latter, welcome.


You are correct.

Tervetuloa is kind of like terve + tulla (to come): "Hello, come (in)" --> Tervetuloa


"Tervetuloa" used to be written separately, "terve tuloa" (but since it is a common expression, it has become one word), and it can be understood as "hello for your coming" (and as mentioned by others, "terve" means "healthy", so one wishes health to the other)


Shouldn't there be a vocative comma after the word welcome? (Without it, it is imperative. "When Liisa arrives, welcome her.")


I agree, although the vocative comma is very often omitted in English nowadays, even in newspapers. This is lamentable, as omission very often causes a momentary ambiguity until context gives the meaning.


Yes, there should be a comma in both Finnish and in English. In Finnish, it is compulsory*, and in the English it would make it clear that the Finnish sentence does not mean the imperative "Welcome Liisa!" = Toivottakaa Liisa tervetulleeksi!

*You may leave out the comma when starting a letter, such as "Hei Liisa, [enter] kiitos kirjeestä!" instead of "Hei, Liisa! [enter] Kiitos kirjeestä!"


Hi i just came here to see yer comments


The audio is strange - it is something like "Terve! Tuloa-Liisa". Reported.


This one is so frustrating... My phone keeps autocorrecting Liisa to Lisa before I hit submit!

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