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  5. "Viro on pieni ja kaunis."

"Viro on pieni ja kaunis."

Translation:Estonia is small and beautiful.

June 23, 2020



Viro doesn't look anything like Estonian Eesti (or English Estonia) because it originates from the name of the historic county Virumaa (modern-day Ida-Virumaa and Lääne-Virumaa). So I guess it's similar to the way many languages call the Netherlands some variant of Holland, where the name of a county became used for the name of the country.

Nobody's sure exactly where the Estonian Viru comes from but it may ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European word wiHrós "man" and so would be related to English virile ("manly") and werewolf ("man-wolf").


You Are Estonia right you knew so much of that please translate that sentece: Olen Eestlane


The Estonian sentence "Olen Eestlane" translates to Finnish as "Olen Virolainen" It's also possible to say "Olen Eestiläinen" but it's not standard Finnish.


Ayy, thank you Finland! That's why we Estonians love you~ :)


Are Viro and Eesti interchangeable?


Both are valid in Finnish, but Viro/viro is used much more. Finns definitely understand "Eesti" though.


(In Estonian, it's only Eesti. "Viru" is a part of Estonia, just like Holland is a part of the Netherlands.)


I believe "lovely" also works for "kaunis". As well as "little" for "pieni" ;)


Yes, pieni can mean little. But kaunis only means beautiful. If you want to say 'Estonia is a lovely country'. You could say 'Viro on ihana maa'.


Arguably, "lovely" can also be a synonym of "beautiful" https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lovely

But you're right, kaunis=beautiful is a better fit, I just hate typing "beautiful", it usually takes me 3 attempts before I manage to put the -eau- in the right order :D Blame the ranskalaiset for such spelling.


You wouldn't really say "a little country", though... It sounds somehow belittling. Whereas small is more neutral and really just about the size.


"Little" can also be endearing. Pikkuviro :)


and a very good place to buy cheap alcohol

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