June 23, 2020



Thanks for the course, but why the first steps are to translate names?

Doesn't make sense


I think it's all about pronunciation


Many people have very little exposure to Finnish culture and the language. Names are important to know as you get into learning both. It's not like people from outside the region are just born with knowledge of Finnish names


So happy to see this course! Kiitos! <3


I have a question What or who is Roosa, Joni and Otso? Someone who speaks finnish can explain to me this. Thanks!


Roosa, Joni and Otso are people's names


To add on it, Roosa is female, while Joni and Otso are male names.


Roosa is the Finnish written form of what we know as 'Rosa'.


I don't think they have any special significance, they are just Finnish names.

It's a different story with "Aino" and "Väinö" though, since they are a nod towards Kalevala (alongside with "kantele" and "velho").

"Anna" and "Elsa" are probably here because of Frozen...


I never really liked frozen tbh


Like said, they're names, but two of them have meanings as words as well. Roosa is a color, a deeper rose pink (not baby pink; and not the rose flower, which is ruusu). Otso is also a colloquial/poetic word used of the bear (karhu).


Oh! there was long time that I was waiting for this course!


Is Joni the equivalent of John?


Usually Johannes is the name used for John (e.g. in the Bible, the Gospel/Book of John are Johanneksen evankeliumi/kirje). But Joni is likely one of the names derived from Johannes.


The name "Juho" could also be seen as the equivalent of "John", but there are actually many other such names that derive from the same source.

There is this tradition in many Finnish schools that young children who begin learning a language - English, German, French etc. - get a name in that language, a name which is then used in class. Nowadays children often get to choose their names, so the names don't necessarily resemble their Finnish etc. names (you might get four children that have the same name if it's someone popular, like a footballer, they all like) but sometimes teachers are the ones to pick the names and choose names that are the equivalent of the names the children have. My brother, who is called "Juho" got to be "John".


I'm wondering, after completing this course, which level are we in Finnish?


I think this one makes more sense as the listening exercise than as the translation exercise.

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