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"Lintu seuraa ja seuraa pilveä."

Translation:The bird keeps on following the cloud.

June 23, 2020



Very strange sentence-- and not quite correct in English. The bird (keeps) following, OR the bird follows and follows... etc.


I'm a native and this does not sound grammatical to me, I feel like this structure needs to be preceded by "vain".


Agreed! "vain" or "vaan".


Here are the correct possibilities: 1) The bird keeps on following the cloud 2) The bird keeps following the cloud 3) The bird continues following the cloud 4) The bird continues to follow the cloud

The 'correct' solution offered: 'The bird keep following and following the cloud' is impossible as 'bird' requires the third person singular ending 'keeps' and 'following and following' is not a construct that an English speaker would use - whether UK or American, people use the construction 'to keep on + gerund' when possible.

The bird follows and follows the cloud is not grammatically correct in English.

Anteeksi jos tama kuulostaa lakihenkiselta, mutta kaantajana en usko etta on muita vaihtoehtoja tassa tapauksessa :)


Should be "keeps"


lintu seuraa pilveä hellittämättä .


Very bad sentence in both Finnish and English.


One wouldn't say "follows and follows" in English, but one wouldn't say "seuraa ja seuraa" in Finnish, either. Possibly one could say "Lintu seuraa seuraamistaan" or "Lintu seuraa jatkuvasti pilveä"


"Seuraa ja seuraa" is not very common phrase. More poetic than informative, so I suggest either to replace it with something else, or allow more freedom in translations.


Not a good sentence


Huh? The English makes no sense


It would be nice if i could be added to the finnish team because i want to fix these errors so bad. I can't pass this final test, not because i don't know english but because my finnish doesn't follow absolute perfect duolingo grammar yet the sentences here are sadly bad english at times.


"Lintu vain seuraa pilveä" tai "Lintu seuraa seuraamistaan pilveä" olisi parempi vaihtoehto. Samoin englanniksi lauseen tulisi olla "The bird keeps following (and following) the cloud."


Should be either "keeps following" or "follows and follows". Both doesn't make sense. Maybe that is in the next release already, but reported anyway


"a cloud" should also be accepted


Keeps following- jää seuraamaan

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