June 23, 2020



Translation? Bear.


Translation? As a name?


I didn't know that otso is a proper word in English. What does it mean?

Otso was accepted as a translation, but karhu or mesikämmen were not.


It's a Finnish man's first name, but we also accept "bear" in this particular exercise, since otso is one of the Finnish words for "bear". :)


Otso is in Finnish, not in English. Duolingo is using it as a male name.


Otso is an old word for a bear. These days just a name for men.


Well, not just. There are plenty of regions in Finland, where the word is in everyday use. :)


Apparently I'm on a completely different page than the course moderators, assuming the talk is always about proper kirjakieli. It doesn't matter which region you're in when the local news always use the same word, karhu, for a bear. For the Language Office Dictionary otso is poetic language for a bear. Yes, you can use it in spoken language in some regions but no, it's not something you teach to a newbie to use for bear.


Which is why do not teach it. :)


why am i learning names or smth?? Im confused in the other ones its like whats the word for man or whatever but for this the answer is just the answer like elsa elsa roosa roosa otso otso etc


I agree, but think maybe it is a way to get your ears accustomed to the pronunciation, which is quite unusual for most other language speakers (Japanese might find it quite natural though). Just some simple stuff to get you started. The level-up quizzes are more challenging and get you past the basics faster.

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