"Je n'en pouvais plus de l'entendre raconter sa vie."

Translation:I couldn't take hearing him tell his life story.

June 23, 2020

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it needs "anymore" added to the English


Is "n'en pouvais plus" a French expression for not being able to bear something? I thought this meant "I was not able to hear him telling his life story any more."


"je n'en pouvais plus DE" is like "I couldn't take it anymore" as in "j'en ai marre" (I'm fed up). Your initial thought would have been "je ne pouvais plus l'entendre raconter sa vie" or something like that. Still, even knowing this, it's a tough sentence to guess duo's translation into English. Sheesh.


Thanks for this - I thought it might be something colloquial!


"I couldn't bear" should be accepted


Why is it wrong? "I was not able to take hearing him tell his life story."


It rejected the use of anymore or no longer..I'm not sure it accepts i couldn't take IT hearing him tell his life story. What is the primary thing this sentence trying to teach us? Too messy.

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