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  5. "Se on saksaa tai englantia."

"Se on saksaa tai englantia."

Translation:It is either German or English.

June 23, 2020



I believe "It's German or English" should be accepted. It doesn't say "joko...tai" after all.


Yup, fully agree!


I just got this in a select missing word kind of question — "Se on saksaa __ englantia" — with "tai" and "vai" as possible answers, and I don't understand why "vai" is not accepted and only "tai" is? Not sure how can you select between these without context or translation...


In statements only tai can be correct. Vai can be used only in questions. Have a look at this:


Vai niin. Kiitos.


So tai in affirmative sentences can be either inclusive or exclusive or? And in questions tai is inclusive and vai is exclusive?


Hi Marcin! :-) Long time, no see...

Hang on, I'm trying to get this right: In a sentence like this, tai means that it's either A or B, but not both. In a question, tai can mean neither A nor B or either A or B. I'm thinking about whether it could even be both A and B... With vai, it's always only either A or B.


Hej Annika! Roligt att se dig igen! Jag hoppas att allt är bra med dig.

Kiitos vastauksesta! Opiskelen nyt suomea, koska muutan Suomeen elokuussa. Aioin mennä sinne jo maaliskuussa, mutta koronakriisin takia olen jäänyt Wieniin.

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