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"Celui que Camille portait hier était doré."

Translation:The one Camille was wearing yesterday was gold-colored.

June 23, 2020



What's wrong with "the one that camille was wearing yesterday was gold" ?


Report: it should be accepted! :)


It might or it might not have been gold. All we know is that it was gold-coloured.


"The one that Camille was wearing yesterday was gold" OMG this is a new unit is it? And look seriously I think we should get a bonus of some kind after we eventually receive an email saying that our translation is now accepted. When I lose hearts during a test out session, it can waste another 15 minutes of my time and it all adds up!


The thing is, if you criticise 'The world's best way to learn French' too much then you get struck off the email list and then you get no notifications whatsoever! Trust me, I'm a casualty of the vengeful owl.


You'd have wasted a lot less than 15 minutes if you had thought about it for a moment and realised that it does not say that it was gold.

Unless you know Camille well enough to know otherwise, it probably wasn't gold, just gold-coloured.


Wow there sure are a lot of Grahams and a Graeme here. You all write good posts. I'm sure everyone appreciates them.


Yet nothing in the meaning of the name implies linguistic ability... :p


What is the subtle difference between "Camille portait" and "Camille a porté"? Or are they interchangeable?


Would 'golden' work?


Guys, keep you mouth shut and don't collaborate with DuolinhOOOo, they are using you for free: select smart strategy!


We all agreed to collaborate when we registered.

They told you they were using you as a (free) lab rat!

They even gave you a chance to pay them to be a lab rat!

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