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Troubleshooting & Bug Reporting Information

Troubleshooting Forum & Bug Reporting Information

The Troubleshooting forum is available for any learner who experiences an issue or has a question about a potential Duolingo bug. We encourage learners to read our Help Center before posting a thread or submitting a report.

The majority of questions that users have can be found there, so it’s possible that you run into the answers that you seek.

Troubleshooting Forum Conduct

Please keep this forum for questions about Duolingo and its usage or the posting or review of potential bugs. If you have an issue with a user, refer to our guide to Report Abuse and avoid posting a thread.

Additionally, we request that users are helpful when responding to threads. Keep our community guidelines in mind. A little respect and assistance means a lot to learners in need and creates a positive atmosphere for all.

How to Report Bugs to Duolingo

Reports are handled ASAP by support staff. If you have a bug related to the platform itself, send in a report using the following form: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

It is generally helpful to provide your Duolingo username and a screenshot of the issue when contacting support. Any descriptions to possibly replicate the issue assists staff as well.

We also encourage learners to check out our current service status if they’re experiencing slow downs or unable to access lessons. Usually this explains any unexpected downtimes and prevents the forum being inundated with threads on the subject.

Happy learning!

June 23, 2020

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, as it is super helpful to us all!

There are indeed lots of users who do not know how to report or know how to use the troubleshooting forum.


Thank you for the helpful post!

Happy Learning!


Thanks for this post Kevin !

Have a few lingots !


How many times am I required to finish FIRST in Diamond League before receiving that award? I have finished FIRST twice already.


What award are you referring to? From what i know, there is no reward after the Diamond League except lingots if you make 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The last league is Diamond.

If the league's are too stressful and you won't to turn them off, here are 3 Ways To disable Leagues


Under ACHIEVEMENTS it's the Legendary achievement. Thanks


Duolingo should not allow downvoting on posts that are genuinely seeking a response to a technical question. Mine was downvoted five times without a single response to it and then after I made a further comment abou the unhelpful nature of those five downvotes, the post disappeared as if I was the problem. So you preach about respect while allowing this disrespect to occur.

Oh and maybe a duolingo staff member or moderator could actually have answered this question - about my leaderboard not showing up on duolingo when I use it on a tablet - before making it disappear?


For the past couple of lessons I have had to repeat the lesson several times Has anyone else reported anything like this . at the end of the lesson; the green line is fully drawn; the app is calculating scores, the green button is displaying rolling dots .... the page suddenly goes blank and the lesson you just completed goes back to the start point. ugh!

interestingly the covers much the same set of questions with subtle differences lesson;

for the record using a PC with win 10 and chrome


Hello KevinR86

Will staff be taking the up/downvote system out of Sentence Discussions? There have been many that have gotten -80 and below (Or maybe even lower).


I have repeatedly reported a bug on Stories Section 17 5/5 L'artist on the French course for English speakers about 7 times including screenshots on 2 occasions. Nothing has been done and I'm getting really fed up with being limited to the language tree. This has been a problem for over a week. I can't be the only person affected - yet nothing is being done to fix the bug. The story freezes part way through.


I didn't find anything on search so I hope it's okay to write to here. So my "problem" is about the forums on the website (both Firefox and Chrome) and at least on the Finnish forums this happens, haven't really been spending time elsewhere. So:

Invisible comments. I got an email notification for one sentence because I had written a comment there before and now I cannot see the comment anywhere. The sentence still says 8 comments, but only 6 are visible and I know for sure I left mine there some time ago and now it's not there. Here's the discussion in case someone wants to see it for themselves.

In the app I have noticed, though, that some comments are hidden and you can click them to open them but there's no such thing on the website so I was wondering, if DL is automatically "hiding" them on website as well but just not having any kind of button or so in the code for the user to get them visible again? I just checked this discussion on mobile and at least on the mobile website it looks the same but I don't know if it's possible to look for this sentence through the app itself. I think it has no discussions unless you click to there through an exercise... and as a Finn, I don't really feel like going for a hunt for one sentence just because of a discussion that I might not even find in the end.

Does DL delete comments or hide them for some reason? So is this a glitch or was my comment just deleted? Sometimes I also find new sentences that says 1 comment but there's no comments under them, at all.


The system does 'hide' comments on sentence discussions, but you should always be able to see your own – unless they were deleted. I just forced a refresh by leaving a comment, and no hidden comments showed up. This means a moderator must have deleted your post.


Alright, that's interesting. I wonder why they deleted them, if that's so, at least I don't think I have broken any rules and the other comments about the same topic (wheter to call something as "app" or "program" are still there). But if they got deleted, I think it'd be nice to know the reasons behind that so I won't be making the same mistake in the future as right now I have no idea what I have possibly done.


I asked the Finnish mods about this, but I didn't get a reply. I just remembered, however, that I can dig up your comment in the code. I don't really see anything wrong with it, though it might have been deleted because you gave away information that can be used to determine your approximate age. Normally you would have received an email about that, explaining why it was deleted.

If you want, I can message you the comment.


Oh, alright. That'd be nice if you messaged it to me.

Anyway, I think it must have been because I was talking about the younger and older generations and how it also affects the way certain terms are used in the spoken language, but I'm not sure how that could be perceived as telling my age as I didn't use numbers (I think) so it could have been anything between 0 and 100 years basically, I was just stating how I have had to explain something to people who just are older than me.


Just confirming what Atervanda is saying and, especially, adding that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the advice you gave in your comment. Quite the opposite: it was a very useful comment. Unfortunately, we had to delete a comment that appeared above it, so your comment disappeared too. :(


I've emailed it to you.


@MCRmadness: I got a reply from the Finnish mods. There was nothing wrong with your comment, but the comment you replied to was deleted. If a parent comment is deleted, so are all the child comments.

On closer examination, I should've seen that in the API when I looked up your comment.


Thank you for the both of you! I didn't even realize there was a comment before mine even tho I could see 2 comments were deleted in total (as the website said 8 comments and only 6 were visible), I think that also explains why I never received an email about it.

Good thing is I got the message back via email so basically I could also post the text there again if it looks like it's still needed there :)


I had trouble with my lessons today. I completed lessons several times, but each time I finished one, there was lag time, and then I was back on the default learning page, with no apparent credit for the work I'd completed. I'm at something like 111 consecutive days of learning, and I hate the idea of my personal streak suddenly ending, for no fault of my own.


Hi guys thanks for the information!!!


I just tried to report a bug/abuse & the verification/captcha failed repeatedly. Is there an issue? Someone is posting multiple, offensive posts on the German forum & did so last night. And us mere users are having hard time controlling it by downvoting.


If the form doesn't work, you can also report abuse to abuse@duolingo.com.

I believe I know which user you're talking about – I'll ask someone with moderating privileges on the German forum to do something about it.


Hi everyone. Can someone help me please? I'm learning Spanish and I'm about to finish the first checkpoint. A couple of days ago, I bought two bonus skills "Idioms" and "Flirting". I've completed both skills and moved on, today I saw that only one of them (idioms) is available and there is another blank space for my other bonus skill. I checked the shop and noticed that my Flirting skill is equipped. After a while, even the blank space went away and I can only see the idiom one, although I already paid the lingots. I also checked my privacy setting. What can I do?


This is strange that you have paid for nothing. I don't know who downvoted you but it is an example of the nonsense that is allowed on these forums - downvoting legitimate issues. Good luck getting a response to your issue.


I have the same problem with the timed practice lesson.It has done this twice now. First it wouldn't stay in the practice lesson at all. Now it only gives me the practice lesson.


Today I'm doing my lessons in Spanish and when I finish doing the lessons and click continue it just cyles and never gives me any points for doing the lesson. this seems to happen a lot in Duo.


Well the app has many bugs but two of them are so unbearable! 1- App is very heavy and CPU-intensive 2- Scrolling doesn't work properly in TIPS. For God's sake fix these two problems. It seems that with every update more things are broken instead of improved.


It seems that you didn't read the post you're commenting on.

If you have a bug related to the platform itself, send in a report using the following form: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

There are two apps, one for iOS and one for Android, so just complaining about 'the' app is not helpful. It's also not helpful to assume that everyone experiences the same problem, and that therefore you don't need to provide any further details. I don't experience either of these problems in the latest version of the Android app. Problems can't be fixed unless they're first reproduced, and they can't be reproduced if you're not specific.


I'm trying to open up a lesson but it keeps bringing me back to the page where all the lessons are.. I tried closing the tab and restarting my laptop but it's still not working.


The Duolingo app keeps freezing and cancelling the sessions so I have to start again. Hope I do not loos my streak if not fixed today.


This post is merely to explain how to use the Troubleshooting forum and report bugs. It doesn't replace the Troubleshooting forum. No one with the power to fix your problems reads these comments.


many thanks for the post--now, aside from your message, where do I find the help center?--v/r--dr b

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At the bottom of every page in small print is a line of links. "Help" is one of them.


Hello, I am doing Japanese and am in Hiragana 4 and keep having the same bug which is every time the app says えんぴつ and I have to translate, I choose “pencil” and it says incorrect! I have flagged this but I cannot progress because it keeps bringing me back to this same question and I’ve lost so many hearts! Please can you fix this? Thank you/arigato


Hi. Have recently updated to a new tablet. All previous lessons are gone. How do I retrieve my 149 consecutive days and all lessons achieved.


You registered a new account. Simply sign out, choose 'I already have an account', and sign in to your old account. Your progress should still be there.


Keyboard stuck in Hebrew, how do I get it back to English on here


On another account of mine, my keyboard switched to my Hebrew keyboard during my response to a Spanish lesson. I merely re-tapped it and I was given the option to switch back to the English keyboard.


Well does anybody know how to contact duolingo english test centre directly? I have been facing some problem. It will be great if somebody can assist me in this situation.


First check if your question is listed in the Help Center. If it isn't, email englishtest-support@duolingo.com. The address can be found on the website.


hey uhm you contacted me earlier i think i got hacked because it said i used the freeze streak ad i did not can you see if i got hacked?


No, I can't see that. If you think you got hacked, I recommend that you change your password to something more secure right away: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/password. The use of a streak freeze is not a sign of hacking, though.


thank you so much may god be with during this time and forever


Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, as it is super helpful to us all!

There are indeed lots of users who do not know how to report or know how to use the troubleshooting forum.


I have figured it out , you go to the clock and click and then in there go to settings and then to advanced and the keyboard input, but you need another keyboard and stick on Hebrew letters for this and then you can have Hebrew + any other languages you wont on the shelf next to the clock.


Hi Lingot community. I've reached a point in my Spanish lessons, wherein we're asked to answer several questions to unlock the next level. I've run into two technical issues that are blocking me from advancing....both of which I reported to the website....including screenshots. The problems are 1) We're asked to identify an image, but the square is blank...no image; and 2) We're asked to answer a question based on what we just heard....and given four options from which to choose. The fourth option is partially hidden...enough that I can't read it. It isn't possible to page down any further....that answer is just hidden from view. Has anyone experienced either of these? Duolingo isn't responding to my inquiry except to say that they're not going to respond. I'm very frustrated. I have over 100 day streak that I'm maintaining by repeating previous lessons, but I can't keep this up forever. I would appreciate any help. Thank you!!


I have attached of picture of my problem. As you can see I cannot advance past level 2 in the attached screen shot. Can someone help to solve this problem? https://imgur.com/a/XuEWI4G


I would send the problem as a bug report to Duolingo Here and see if Staff and admins can fix it. Kevin may also respond to your question as well.
Can you still do your lessons in other languages or is it only that one?


Thank you for your response. French is the only language I am studying at this time. I will try your link to report this problem again since I have not heard anything back from my previous contact and the problem has not been resolved.


Hi I am learning Chinese 717 lingots. I could begin my 3rd level if... When I click on the topic as usual to begin (yellow round), a new page appears with juste one word: CHECK. And nothing happens more. What to do??? Now It is impossible to use my Duolingo Chinese -I am studying my HSK3. Someone can help please? Thanks. Helena


In courses for learning English, the audio mispronounces homographs. The most commonly seen error is "live". This will create problems for learners


I tried the bug report and got a generic response that they weren't going to do anything about it. Then I posted a troubleshoot complaint, because I need some way to get dev attention, and within 40 minutes, it had 4 downvotes. I don't understand why people would downvote someone's bug issues. How do I get support to help me????


What were you having trouble with exactly? Was the bug Duolingo related?


Can somebody help me ? Since two days I cannot have any access to duolingo site. The only thing I can get is a completely white screen. How can I repair that problem? The "help center " didn't give me any satisfying or practical answer to solve this bug...


I can’t post comments in the Duolingo app on my iPad. There isn’t an option to do so.


I'll try this again. When I do my duolingo lesson and finish it in Spanish and press the continue button it just cycles and doesn't give me the points.


Please be patient for an answer.

If you are worried about losing you're streak, i would suggest trying Stories and see if they may work. I'm sure a moderator or Staff member will answer you're question soon.

Also, i would Submit a bug report to staff so they are notified to work on that problem.


guys, twice you have taken my streak from me after I bought freezes... maybe your timing of 24hrs is wrong..I live in UK on GMT..Not Happy


Just go through it all from the start again, it is surprising how much you might have forgotten.


Thanks, but thats hardly the point Davis..


Yes, I'm guessing so... Its happened a few times now, but twice recently.. I bought a streak freeze this a.m, and now this evening my streak has been lost...


Where should i adress that issue whan i sent invitations and recieved followers and an e-mail that tells me i got plus, yet i don't really got my plus and my invitation counter still 2/3 while i invited 4 already


Why Duolingo do not open me new words? I learned only 1949 of 2000. There are not new words during long time. Where are 51 words yet?..


I don't think you has learned those 51 words yet. If you is having a bug issue, report you bug issue Here


it says i used the streak freezer and i did not can you check if i got hacked? and contact me on my gmail if you need too! i might need to send you the pic for proof on my gmail if you want me too


Hi there, I would just like to point out that I've noticed that Duolingo has become more permissive with mistakes than what I think it should be. Granted that earlier it would reject an answer that was otherwise rather correct because of a typo and in this sense I think it was a positive improvement.

However, more recently I've been having the impression that this behavior has expanded further and things that should not be accepted or accepted with a warning (for a typo, for example) are now being accepted without any comment even though they are wrong. I speak of this with respect to the German learning branch for English speakers. I don't know how this is like in other Language branches of Duolingo.

In any case, is this something that others have been experiencing? Is this a decision from the Duolingo staff to roll-out a more forgiving algorithm, or is this a bug?


I'm using FireFox on a windows 10 laptop. I've been learning on Duo for 5 years, but now I can't do any "learning" lessons. I click on one of the circles and the lesson doesn't come up. The page only jumps a little, but doesn't go anywhere. When I go to "Stories" I have no problem. I can do the "learning" lessons on my other laptop which is Linux Mint and using Firefox. What happened?? Does it have to do with a steak freeze? Don't recall seeing that before.


I have just left a post about my app version crashing and being unable to get all my data back after this; they have suggested I find the answer on the forum and I haven't been able to do that. Suggestions?


I’ve just completed my Part 2 test, so i can continue on to further sections. I did pass, however, i was unable to see some of the answers - they were obscured by the “Check Answer panel” running along the bottom. I am using Chrome Browser on an Ipad. I just thought i would report this issue in case anyone else is experiencing difficulties.


Since this morning I have not been able to view my leader board.


i have 5 crowns and 5 dimins and 1 fire


Except the bug reporting has a bug. captcha error


Captchas are the worst. I don't know who came up with those. :)

You can email support@duolingo.com directly if the form doesn't work.

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Has anyone else encountered a problem with the Portuguese Set 4 story, Camping? It will not progress past this point: Nao tem nenhum urso! Eu . . . .??????


Sorry to hear that. I had a similar problem with two of the new stories in Spanish. I replayed them multiple times, however, they kept faltering at the same place in the story. I had to backspace several times just to get out. It wasn't a MAJOR problem because I'd already completed all of the stories; the issue remained whether on laptop or Kindle. 'Someone' eventually rectified the problem.


For some reason, when I want to report a bug, the submit button does not work no mater whatever I did. Anyone know why? If you do, please reply ASAP!!! Thanks everyone!


I have done 396 days of the Italian course. I have in the last couple of day bought a new IPad & been transferring over onto it. When I open Duo on my new IPad it takes me back to starting again. Please can you help me restore my progress. Thanks Ruth


I am trying to determine what the labels in section 3 circles refer to. Specifically, circles labeled Abs. obj 1, Abs. obj 2 and Abs. obj 3. I'm guessing they mean Absolute Objects, but not only do I have trouble with section, I can't get anyone to understand when I ask what this circle is for.


It stands for 'abstract objects'.


My friend Can't push on the right answer, it's simply frozen. About for 2 weeks! She's afraid to lose her 76 days progress. How can we help her?


well here is something maybe she can do. Either restart the page! Maybe check the internet. Perhaps she can restart her device. If none of that works then maybe try Logging out than bac in. Also maybe if she cant answer press the skip button!


Why has the search bar in the comment section been removed?


Greyed out screen issue


Can't get my lesson today, the wifi goes only 3/4 across the way on the website


The German story Der großte Schatz freezes when it gets to the following line: Sie haben sein Abenteuer nicht verstanden and I am not able to proceed. This means I cannot complete all the stories in a section and am not able to move on to the next selection. I have made this post elsewhere, but hope I have now found the right forum. Please correct the story so that I can make progress and do more stories. JudyWatson8


i cant hear anything on doulingo, but everything else works fine on other sites, please help. i am on a school Chromebook with restrictions


I can’t get to my lesson. The walking owl strolls across the iPad giving me one phrase or word. I hit the X in the corner to move on to lesson, but I just get a new phrase. What should I do?


Recently I've noticed that after finishing any story on my PC it doesn't sync with my mobile app and vice versa.


In the lesson set Agreement I was asked to type ‘your sister is intelligent’ spoken in French. I put soeur and was marked incorrect. They want o and e joined. Cannot do. Now I can’t finish lesson as it continues to return as a mistake. My wife raised this issue as well. Thank you Daz.


On my keyboard, underneath the text box (where you type your answer) i have a row of French characters, such as the joined oe you need, as well as other letters, already accented. Do you not have that?


Hi, I'm having difficulty accessing the newly added skills containing 2 levels. (Stem changes and Past Tenses). I cannot see the answers to select from on my screen, as they are too far down. Therefore I cannot proceed with these two skill sets. I have completed all of the other lessons and have now come to a standstill. Please can anyone help? Thank you.


Last night I finished first in my diamond league. I did not receive the lingots or the "Winner" or "Legendary" badges in the achievements section. Can this be fixed? Thanks.


Same thing happened to me...THREE TIMES! Don't hold your breath.... I never did receive the 'Legendary' badge and it's been Six months now. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


I struck on a loop in PAST TENSE 3 (tree node) and cannot finish the lesson


Il programma è stato aggiornato, ma gli esercizi sono gli stessi e uno degli ultimi (ha errori di programmazione) blocca il corso: non lo si può fare e non permette di andare avanti; il mio cellulare non fa screenshot


My Strenghtening Skill icon has disappeared from the duolingo app and I can't find a way to get it back. Since that is a crucial function for my learning process I would love to know if there is a way of getting it back?


Nordgreen advert has frozen in my duo lingo app. Status report say all systems operating. There is no cross to close advert. It only allows opening their website.


My scholar level is not going up. How can I solve this?


why I don't receive anymore suggestions for practicing with rewards??? while it was daily before?. thanks


I have a problem with the French - English course. I am at the second level “Emergency”. I finished the whole second level and started the second level on “Dream Trip”. Now all the progress is gone and I lost level two again. I had this problem before at the “Emergency” lesson. What shall I do? Try to finish the lesson on computer instead of App or install the App again? I sent an email about the bug, but I am not sure what I can do?


is there a place where duolingo users can simultaneously chat?? chatrooms anywhere?


Hi, the duolingo app on iPad freezes then crashes when answering one particular question in Irish phrases practice. Followed above advice then reported on prescribed form. No change. Wondered if any one else has had same problem?


This is the latest one. I found another error earlier in stories (I can't remember the exact one) in which one of the answers didn't match its pair but was accepted. Set 18: An Emergency: The matching answers about drowning was repeating in Spanish, not English-Spanish. Is this the proper forum to report this? Thanks.

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This is the troubleshooting forum, yes, but you should make this its own post rather than burying it in this one.

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