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Congratulations and thank you, Finnish<-English team!

Thank you for this course!

June 23, 2020



Seriously! When I joined Duolingo like 3 or so years ago, Finnish was the highest requested language in the forums.

So many people are going to be so happy.


Kiitos, Team Suomi!


Can't wait to get started! :)


Y'all did a great job on this course.
The "tips" are very helpful.
Kiitos !


Im not from the finnish course but i saw they really put a lot of effort into the course, even if its short


It looks short, but the content gets pretty complex quite soon. I tested out to about the middle (being a native speaker), and was surprised by the depth already at that point. I would have thought any Duolingo Finnish course (regardless of the length of the tree) would have been less "deep" than this one seems to be.


I agree. Each Finnish lesson has much more content than any other language that I have practiced and the sentences are also longer.


This is amazing. I've been waiting a long time for Finnish and it's finally here. Great job!

Now maybe Serbo-Croatian? Please!


Who knows? Now that Finnish is in Beta and Yiddish is almost completed, another language (or 2?) may enter the incubator soon.


I second Serbo-Croatian.


Yes, I would love to be able to speak some Slovenian. Beautiful country, the language should be easy to learn for a Polish speaker


sorry but slovenian isn't apart of the group.


Yes, thanks so much ! I've started the course and it is truly awesome.


Onneksi olkoon!

To list other discussions, related to the joyful release of this great course :

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Jippii! We Finnished! We reached the Finnish line! It's Finnally here!

Links to another recent Twitter post by Duolingo, regarding this great new course for learning Finnish :

When you start learning Finnish with @duolingo
and you forget the importance of dots 😁

Another Twitter from Duolingo in this last day:

Did you know that the only Finnish word in regular use in English is "sauna"? 🤔 In virtually every way, Finnish is unlike any language you’ll ever study. Read more about this beautifully unique language in our latest blog post:



@daKanga --- thanks so much for the reference to the blog post! It is a wonderful bit of background info and I probably would have missed it without your prompt.


Also, nainko vaarin can also mean the past tense... Oops.


I’ve been practicing a bit on it, and it’s just as well set-up as Spanish! A big thank you from me, and from all the others greatly anticipating this course.


Hyvä Suomi! (just learnt that now!)


Last year I went to Finland and I loved the country and the Finns, but unfortunately I only knew Hei and Hei Hei. :/ I'm so happy that this course is out! I've been waiting for a long time, but I'm pleased with the experience overall. The tips are fantastic (especially the Star Trek reference, Beam me up in the tips for Good Luck! and the ABBA Knowing Me, Knowing You reference in Basics 2 Tips!!) and actually learning Finnish is somehow making me happy! The language of the happiest people in the world is fun to learn too! Although, I have one query. For the accents, is it just me or are there no buttons below the text function for the accented letters? Other than that, however, I LOVE THIS COURSE!! :) Kiitos Duolingo Team and all course contributors! I love the effort that you put in to make this course, keep it up! :)


ABBA is Swedish


I know, but they referenced it


⠀ ☆ - Fantastinen!
Waving Duo


You need the partitive with exclamations about uncountable stuff, so Fantastista!. Also, thank you! :)


Kiitos! Congratulations, and 1000 thanks Finnish team!


I just hope it isn't rushed.


From what I’ve done so far, it seems it isn’t rushed. A lot of time and effort has clearly gone into it. Also, the tips show all the vocab of that skill, so that's helpful.


when do you think they would roll out the final version? i really want the story mode bad


Stories are only available for a few languages, I'm afraid there is no "final version" to gurarantee you that.


It isnt its very smooth for beta


Really? I thought it was okay


I think it's a lot smoother than other beta courses I've seen (and I've seen a few). Also, it gets surprisingly deep quite quickly -- don't let the length of the tree fool you.


There are some issues in the later skills, but I'm sure they'll be ironed out soon enough.

[deactivated user]

    Looks like there is a lot of work to be done. It is a good start though.


    As someone before me said, there are some issues, basic things like lack of articles in Finnish are not taken into consideration in some cases. There is also some problem with agreement, adjective endings are not always matched to nouns etc. But for vocabulary it is good, and there are some cultural stuff and real everyday sentences, not just "the turtle drinks milk"


    Delighted to see Finnish here at last. Thanks to all involved! However when attempting the placement test I repeatedly find that it hangs up on answering the final question so I can't complete it.


    I saw how careful they were trying to make it seem like a easy language which i really do like


    Kiitos! The course looks excellent!

    [deactivated user]


      It's great so far! Hope to be using it soon when we travel in our very dilapidated camper van!


      I'm so happy Finnish finally came out! Excited to "finnish" the tree soon!


      100%!!!! So excited and so far the voice (which for me is one of the most important pieces - I CANNOT learn without hearing the words) has been great. Can't believe it's finally here! Thank you Finnish team!


      I started and it's been fun so far!


      Oh yes! A ton of thanks to the Finnish for English speakers team. I'm really enjoying the course, and have surprisingly managed to test out of the first few skills so far. The language is quite beautiful to listen to and the audio sounds great!


      Kiitos, I have been waiting ever since Finnish went into the incubator!


      I'm so happy it's finally here! Because my mother (who is a native speaker) doesn't like the books I have for learning Finnish, but I know I can trust the hard-working duolingo team :)


      Kiitos ja onnea!!


      Great work! Now you can start working on the Finnish from Swedish course :)


      Kiitos, I'm loving this course and think it is quite well done. I have just started the 4th section of the tree and my brain is finally getting the neuron path blinking lights to show me the way. It was quite strangely difficult, but is beginning to take. I'm really excited to do this and hope too that you do Icelandic. Duo is a great gift to the planet.


      It is a shame that the course is extremely lacking and has a lot of significant faults which the team seems to refuse to fix. It is pushing absolute gibberish like "katselin ja katselin kahta tummaa pilveä" as Finnish, and claiming that Väinämöinen was some sort of wizard, when it is extremely clear he is not. The wizard in the tale is Louhi, who is the main antagonist of the tale.

      While it is an extremely hard language, if i were to give it a Finnish school degree, i'd be hard pressed to offer it a 6.


      Terve! When I built the course I was a volunteer and made it in my free time. Apart from Hungarian, Finnish is also very different from other languages taught on Duolingo, which meant trying to figure out how to do something that no one had done before. Less surprisingly, the course has many faults and I am very much aware of them, especially the structural ones (I facepalm every day because of the Family skill). The next version will be built by someone (hopefully me, fingers crossed) who has a proper contract with the owl and can spend more time on working on the course. All the feedback we have received from users will be taken into account.

      Personally, I would give it a 7 but I suspect that I might be a bit too kind to myself. :P

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