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  5. "You are Otso."

"You are Otso."

Translation:Sinä olet Otso.

June 23, 2020



Puhekieli: confirmed invalid. As to be expected hehe. Glad to finally see Finnish here :)


The other hint 'Otsoa' is misleeding. Please don't go there, Finnish is already a difficult enough. In Turkish it's the same with constantly missleading hints.


It seems like Finnish plurals aren't very definite, so if you rounded up multiple people named Otso in your herd, you could, in theory, use "te olette Otso" (;


If facing a big herd of Otsos, you should put the name in plural, so this does not quite work.

However, you could say Te olette Otso to one person to formally address him, although it sounds a bit off then to use his first name. It might be a better idea to say e.g. Te olette Otso Karhu. But you should not need to worry this much. You can go a very long way in Finland without addressing anybody with Te (and even further before you need to add also a title before the name).

Btw, both otso and karhu mean bear, but Otso has established itself as a given name for baby boys and Karhu is a relatively common family name in Finland.

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