"Bonjour, je voudrais une grande voiture à pois."

Translation:Hello, I would like a big, polka-dotted car.

June 23, 2020

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what's wrong with "hello, I would like a big car with polka dots"


Can I have one with small polka dots? Big dots are so last year.


Is this the best way to say it to the person at the car rental kiosk? I'd hate to look stupid.


I am sure i can get a lot of use out of this sentence


My answer: "Hi, I would like a big polka dotted car." The comment below said I have a typo. The correction is that car should be cat (What Duo wrote: Hi, I would like a big, polka dotted cat."


Whoops! Lol. I got the French to English word bank. It was definitely a big polka-dotted car!


polka dots/ spotted / spotty.... (we use spotty e.g.for a spotty dog.)


This must be regional. The only uses for "spotty" that I know of either refer to acne ("two unshaven men and a spotty teen"), or to something being intermittent/unreliable ("cell phone reception is spotty this far from civilization"). The term "spotty dog" is therefore rather puzzling. ;o)


Why can't we say 'a large, polka-dot car,' as in 'an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini'? (size, color, 'polka-dot', garment)


That is now accepted.


Does that mean that the polka-dots are yellow or the bikini is yellow?


Someone in our road has one of these - they have a dog-walking business so the car has a Dalmatian look!


"Good day, I would like a large car with dots", "Good day, I would like a large car with spots", "Hello, I would like a large car with spots", "Hello I would like a large car with dots"," Hello I would like a big car with dots" and even "Hello, i would like a large car with polka dots" were not accepted - reported


"Hello, I would like a large car with spots." is accepted nowadays.


"Hello, I would like a large polka-dotted car." Not accepted


sc_ville, they didn't accept it from me, either. I reported it.


Good for you, it is now accepted.


"Hello, I would like a big car with polka dots." not accepted. Reported.


Accepted now.


The translation needs to be opened up to include a better understanding of English. Since one evidently would say "voiture a pois" in French would one also say "voiture avec pois"? I suspect not as "a pois" is the proper way to say "with polka dots" in French. In English one can comfortably say"polka dotted car, polka dot car or car with polka dots" and not sound as if one is unfamiliar with the language Of course would one ever say such a thing in the first place?


To me the audio sounded like《un jour je voudrais une grande voiture à pois》, which made sense to me!


"Hello, I would like a large polka dotted car" now accepted 02/04/2021


in American usage "polka dot" is both a noun and adjective. Polka dotted would be used as a verb, "the car was polka dotted by vandals".


I thought the term "POLKA dots " went out of use in the 60's....clearly not for Duo.

"I would like a big spotted car" or "I would like a big car with spots" should be acceptable translations.

Or better still, drop le pois!


the word "pops" sounded as "quo". please check pronunciation properly


Hello i would like a big car with polka dots was not accepted today. Reported.


A big car with polka dots was rejected for me


From the list of accepted answers:

[Hallo, / Hello, / Hey, / Hi, / Hullo, / Morning,] I would like a [big / large] [automobile / car] with polka dots.


Some of the translations in this section are even stranger than usual...

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