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"Paul n'aime ni les cerises ni les poires."

Translation:Paul doesn't like either cherries or pears.

June 23, 2020



This english translation sounds like we are not sure if it is cherries he doesn't like, or if it is pears he doesn't like. But I think it is meant to be - he likes neither cherries nor pears.


this is not good british english, Paul likes neither cherries nor pears is much mre current and sounds better to the ears


That's the translation I used, "Paul likes neither cherries nor pears." And it was accepted.


Same in American English!


same in Australian English


Bad English grammar in this translation


American English doesn't seem to be Duolingo's source language... and it's a bit frustrating. I got lucky *this time", but I often don't


It certainly isn't Australian English either!


It is more proper in English to use the verb without negation and then use Neither/Nor. Paul likes neither cherries nor pears


My audio sounded to me like "pois" instead of "poires". Probably best to listen to this with headphones. All it needs is a bit of background noise to lose the "r" sound!


It's a stretch, but I suppose this translation could be acceptable if the intent is to make a statement that the speaker is not sure which fruit Paul does not like.


Some of these English translations are moronic done by analphabets with sub-par abilities or they don't care. It should be "Paul likes neither cherries nor pears." Kind of makes you wonder what nonsense is going on in some of the other languages that one doesn't know well. Also, one of the French guys who does the audio translations with his annoying mocking tone. No normal French person speaks like this so by letting this fool do the audio DL is essentially teaching nonsense to learners trying to get the proper intonations. Sad. All the audio with the moron needs to be replaced with the normal guy. There is a normal French guy who does proper translations.


it said i had a typo, i said 'he doesn't like...' and it said i should have put 'does not like...' but it didn't give the word 'not' so how could i use it??


Same for me - I reported it.


Somebody commented that articles are not used with "ni". What is right?


Articles are only used in generalities; typically with verbs of preference.


Nor pears?


Only with "neither". With "either" use or. "Paul likes neither cherries nor pears" should be accepted. Report if not.


"Paul likes neither cherries nor pears" is excellent English. The translation is bad. What I really want to know is if the negative is required in French in this ni...ni... construction. The answer appears to be yes. Americans have largely dropped the use of "neither," and I wonder if young people even know the word "nor" exists. You'd likely hear neither...or...


Yes, it's required, that's why it's there.


Something weird going on here. My question said "speak this sentence".I did this correctly three times but it was not accepted . All the above comments refer to a different instruction. What is going on?


"Speak this sentence", "Type what you hear", "Fill in the blank" and FR→EN translation exercises are all (potentially) attached to this comments page.


Not correct United States English either. Ugh


This is a very awkward sentence in English. I would say Paul likes neither cherries nor pears.


In Mexican English is the same as Duo.

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