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  5. "We try everything once."

"We try everything once."

Translation:Wij proberen alles een keer.

August 3, 2014



Why doesn't 'eens' work here?


'Eens' by itself doesn't mean 'once', but combined as 'nog eens' it means 'once more'. 'Eens' is more of a particle that changes the tone of a verb (usually a command) to be slightly less demanding.

Anecdote: My mother-in-law from a really Dutch-y part of Michigan says "once" a lot when she's telling people to do things (like "Try it once!") and it was ages before I realized it was because, if she were speaking Dutch, she would probably be saying 'eens'! (Proef het maar eens!)


I used "...één keer" because I found it in the drop-down menu for "once". I was told it was Almost Correct. I should have used "een keer". who's drunk, me or DL?


me too, why does eens not work?

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