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  5. "– Who are you? – I am Aino."

"– Who are you? – I am Aino."

Translation:– Kuka sinä olet? – Minä olen Aino.

June 23, 2020



Is it necessary to say "Minä olen" for "I am"?

or may one simply say "Olen" as in "Olen LazyEinstein" for "I am LazyEinstein"?


You don't have to include "minä".

I often intruduce myself as just "Hei! Hanna." with no "I am" or "my name is".

If you want to say "My name is", it's "(minun) nimeni on".

nimi - name

(minun) nimeni - my name

(sinun) nimesi - your name

hänen nimensä - her/his name

(meidän) nimemme - our name

(teidän) nimenne - your name

heidän nimensä - their name


I can see this language is going to be fun.


Olen should be enough, because it is the 1st form singularis of "to be" - i am = Minä olen. You can skip "minä" and write just olen. That happens to work für every pronoun except "hän" and "he". There the pronouns HAVE to be written every time... at least in written language ;-)

Is it possible to write only "Olen..." or is it shown as false then? Maybe we just find a lot of easter eggs in this beta version :-)


Poczekaj poczekaj.... Olen Madzia, jestem Madzia...ale po angielsku się nie da powiedzieć " Madzia


Will this course show us the grammar later on?


I think there are some tips and such on Duolingo but you can't see them on mobile, like with many other courses. Was there something in particular you were wondering about?


No, thats it :)


Yeah I was wondering this too


Some names are difficult to distinguish male and female


Whether a name is for men, women, or both just needs to be learnt by heart. There is no ending to set them apart. Of course, some names like Liisa have variants in many other European languages as well and are easier to figure out. If you have the web version of Duo, the Tips for Basics 1has a chart which lists all the first names used in the course and tells you whether those names are male, female, or neutral. If you haven't reached that skill yet or don't use the web version, you can access all the Tips via duome, a site maintained by a Duo fan. :)

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