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  5. "Suomi on todella kaunis."

"Suomi on todella kaunis."

Translation:Finland is really beautiful.

June 23, 2020



Ive been there, can confirm


Wish I can visit there one day!


Tervetuloa! :)


Couldn't this also be "Finnish is really beautiful"? Kiitos.


A native speaker would add "kieli" to the end of the sentence if meaning the language and not the country. Finnish is a very beautiful language. - Suomi on todella kaunis kieli. Or "Suomi on todella kaunista." since the country Suomi is just one but language suomi is uncountable like water and therefore needs the adjective in a different form.


can it be "Suomi kieli on todella kaunis" if talking about the language?


if talking about the language there's at least two ways to say it

Suomenkieli on todella kaunis or Suomi on todella kaunis kieli

[deactivated user]

    so, "kaunis" is for people, pets, lands, it's just as English "beautiful". and "komea" only for people?


    A house can also be komea, and some dialects prefer to use komea more often instead of kaunis. Kaunis tends to be more feminine like beautiful and komea is more masculine like handsome. But I dont think you can go wrong with 'kaunis' too much.


    When I want to say "Oh, beautiful Finland" can I go with "Voi, kaunis Suomi!" ?


    I'd go for oi instead of voi, even the national anthem starts like that. But yes, voi works too :) Personally I think one oi alone is more all positive whereas voi is also used for negative things.


    Is "pretty" okay to use instead of beautiful? (Truths here, man)


    I just think it's not quite right to call lands pretty. And "pretty" in finnish would probably be "nätti"


    "Finnish is very beautiful/Finland is very beautiful" should be accepted answers


    "Finland is very beautiful." - that works.

    However, when talking about language, you'd say "Suomi on todella (/hyvin/erittäin) kaunista." - not 'kaunis' (language being uncountable). But it still sounds a bit ambiguous, unless you say "Suomen kieli on hyvin kaunista." [The Finnish language is very beautiful.] or e.g. "Suomi on todella kaunis kieli." [Finnish is a very beautiful language.]

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